Our Favorite 20 wedding photos of the entire year!

 We always looks so forward to reflecting on our past year but this time it took forever and a day!! There were just so many great moments from this past year! We finally narrowed down our favorite 20 wedding photos from 2014!! Looking through each wedding brought back so many emotional, hilarious and fun moments it really was hard to choose! But alas, here are our favorites from the 20 weddings we were so blessed to be a part of shooting this year. We cannot believe that each and every one of our brides has been sweet, caring and so fun to work with.  To be honest, we kind of keep waiting for a horror bride but with each new bride and groom we meet, they continue to be kind, laid back and just wanting a fun wedding day! We couldn't ask for more! : )

Thank you so much for sharing in our 2014! We hope you'll continue to follow our journey on facebook and instagram for inside looks, and you can always see us at www.jenn-wagner.com

Much love, 
Jenn, Shannon, Ryan and Cayla

This was our favorite part of the day at Grace and Peter's Scottsdale Wedding. They were relaxed, joyful and just thrilled to be married! Their smiles were infectious and we let them be themselves and this little sweet moment here happened. Love this couple!
Their destination wedding to Vegas was centered around this place and we could see why. Kim and Mike's Southern Highlands wedding was absolutely breathtaking and we loved all the amazing details. 

It was the first time all day they really got to see each other, hold hands and just take the other in. I loved Jason and Staci's wedding day. Staci and Jason just tied the knot in December and you can see more of their wedding here! 

The ceremony was Chris and Amber's favorite part of the day, and we couldn't agree more. Their friends and family cheered them on as they said their I do's with the most elegant background, and when the officiant finally pronounced them man and wife, these smiles just stole our hearts!

Chicago, its the city where they met, dated and fell in love and it was the perfect spot for Alli and Mike to celebrate their lives becoming one. This was such a classy and glamorous day! One for the books for sure! 
 She didn't want to cry when she walked down the aisle, but after the wedding Renee was nothing but smiles as Brad held her tight.  We loved capturing their beautiful wedding this year and think they are so perfect for each other! 

So these two actually smiled and laughed the entire wedding day, but we love this quiet moment we caught of them right after their ceremony. We just love the way Stephanie is leaning into Josh's firm protectiveness, we think its just how it should be. Loved being there for every moment their Sassi Wedding.
These two!! I can't even begin! We had so many favorites from their wedding day it was hard to decide! In the end we loved the emotion and how he is pulling her in - they definitley have such a strong attraction for each other and we just love that about them. Roy and Kelli, your wedding was just amazing. 

 Once they walked back down the aisle as man and wife, we could literally see pounds just melt off their shoulders. It was like finally everything was right in the world now that Andrew and Nadine were officially one. Arm and arm they walked as they began the rest of their lives together. 
Everyone was cheering on Brian and Julia on their wedding day. Literally. Everywhere they went people were hooting and hollering and it was so fun. This is one of my favorite photos all year. We didn't direct them into this pose, they just happened upon it and that smile on her face, couldn't be more happy than she is here. 

Its no secret that we love laid back and fun couples. Annah and Andre planned out a wedding day that was just that and truly focused on the things that mattered. We love the emotion behind this photo and had so much fun capturing their wedding day!
One of their favorite parts of their wedding day was their time on the golf course. They just got to run around and be silly together which is so them! Johh Henry and Madison's wedding day was such a blast!
Sometimes there are special weddings days that stand out. One where everything just seems to go flawlessly and the whole day is seamless from the minute the dress goes on until the last sparkler fades away into the night... That is exactly what happened for Cindy and Charles on their special day. From beginning to end, it was perfect. 

The one word I would use to describe Krystle and Jeff's wedding day; laughter. There was so much of it that when I reflect back, that really is the only thing that comes to mind. The bridesmaids cracking up as they all got ready and posed for photos,  Jeff laughing with his bride as they met for the first time, and the reception... oh don't even get me started! It was such a great day!

Another amazing couple with a wedding that I would love to repeat! Jason and Jessica are some of the sweetest people we've ever met and we loved being there as they celebrated in style! 
It was a beautiful Saturday in May when Kirsten and Jay celebrated their nuptials. Kirsten is one of those people that everyone likes. Her bubbly and fun personality is so fun to be around and I feel like this photo captures that fun spirit so well! 

I love this moment of Shan and Sarah! They had just had the most beautiful wedding ceremony and shared their first kiss as man and  wife and you can just see how happy they are about it!

Joe and Loree focused on the things that truly matter when it comes to their Fountain Hills wedding day; them and God. We loved how much they made the day about the coming together of them and their families and know they are in for a long and amazing marriage together. 

Seriously want to go back and do this one again. Erik and Sarah sheesh. Where to begin? How about this moment! They had just seen each other for the first time on their wedding day and it was magical. You could just feel the anticipation before they saw the other, and then the stress leave as they were finally together! Them together, just works. 

The twinkling blue sea that played the perfect backdrop all day for Ryan and Sarah's Del Mar wedding day.  The sun set quietly over the ocean as Ryan took his bride by the hand and led her to their first dance together. Sarah cried happy tears as her new hubby gently wiped them from her cheek.  It was the perfect day. 

And now for my favorite personal photo of our family! : ) I've never shared this photos before, but it is the first time I fell in love with her. Kaiya and I had a long labor (57 hours) and to be honest by the time she made her debut my body and mind were pretty done. Everyone always says you fall in love immediately, and I loved her, but it wasn't until the morning that I really felt that wave of belonging, ownership and overwhelming love. This photo is that to me. Its my favorite from the year and my sweet hubby took it. : ) 

Thank you so much for following our journey at Jenn Wagner Studio! We love you all!


  1. Wow! These are AWESOME! You can really feel the love captured in the pictures! :)

  2. Thanks Rio! :) We feel it too!