Roy + Kelli | Whispering Tree Wedding

I knew from the moment we sat down at Starbucks over a year ago that there was something unique about Kelli and Roy. They were one of those couples I just connected with and knew I just had to be there when they tied the knot. Lots of planning later and their day finally arrived; and it was everything I thought it would be for them. An emotional first look, a perfect ceremony, a romantic sunset and then dancing under the stars.

Their day was unique in its own way - set at Whisphering Ranch in Laveen, AZ- which is its own jewel of a venue with sweet touches of love and great views. I love Roy and Kelli's reflections on there day so I want to get to that, but before I do, I just have to say; Roy and Kelly, thank you for being you and letting your wedding day reflect the true and genuine love you have for each other.

It was such an honor to be there and document it. Much love, Jenn

"While we were taking pictures Jenn told me to whisper something romantic to Kelli.  I leaned in close and told Kelli I wanted to take a nap. It made her chuckle and I thought it was appropriate because it was us. " - Roy


"If I could, I would relive the first hour at the venue prior to our friends and family arriving. When I arrived at the venue I was told "oh good, glad you are here, Kelli is freaking out. It will be good for her to know you are here." In those moments before the ceremony and our first look everybody who saw me asked if I was nervous, I said I was fine and would get bewildered looks - I was quite relaxed. Then while waiting friends came to me and told me that Kelli looked beautiful and nice but was also hysterical. I then got called for the first look and thats when I got a little bit nervous which surprised me. I was standing and waiting for Kelli to pop up behind me, and heard her sobs which were not surprising. I thought they were endearing. Finally seeing Kelli and seeing how beautiful she was and seeing Kelli smile and relax was a moment I will always remember. " - Roy

"My favorite time of the day were the moments just before as well as during our first look. I was so anxious prior to seeing Roy. I just needed to see him and I knew that once I saw him I would instantly calm down. When I started walking to see Roy for the first time it was also the first time my dad saw me in my dress. I will always remember that glance that my dad and I shared. After passing my dad I walked out the door to meet my future husband. The second I saw his back to me I broke down. All of my emotions came forward and I was just so happy for this moment that we were about to have. As soon as Roy held me in his arms all of my nerves subsided and I knew we were both going to have the most wonderful night of our lives." - Kelli

"A good friend of mine gave me excellent advice prior to our wedding. She told me to take mental pictures/snapshots of the entire day. Taking the advice of a good friend I listened and took mental pictures throughout the evening. I am so grateful for this advice as I now have so many memories to look back on. With that being said there is one part of the day that sticks out the most to me.....

"... Is when I had just walked down the aisle with my dad and he "gave me away" to Roy. The reverend had just started a prayer for Roy and I when I saw a huge and I mean HUGE bug flying towards us. In the few seconds I had before it made it to us, I told myself to stay calm and not freak out about this bug. I didn't want to look like a huge dork in front of everybody, especially in the middle of our wedding ceremony. Just as those thoughts entered my brain, the bug entered my personal space. I couldn't control it. All thoughts of staying calm exited my brain. I could no longer control my actions or emotions. I jumped back, screeched a little bit and mumbled some incoherent words about how big the bug was. But in those exact same moments Roy entered the picture. Without even the slightest hesitation his hand came up, swapped that bug away and everybody got a good chuckle from it. Looking back and thinking about this bug all I can think about is how it is so perfectly us. Me: Anxious, a little bit dramatic and scared of everything. Roy: Calm, Collected and Strong. He was there to protect me and I know he always will be. " - Kelli

Kelli  you have proof of how massive that bee really was! 

"The moment that I relive most would be when my mom gave us her speech, and I thought "Oh boy, here it goes. Its going to be cheesy, long and drawn out." As she spoke there were nothing but words of kindness and love. Which then filled the room with nothing but tears and emotions. It made me think about how on such a happy day everybody can come together and celebrate the same emotions that are shared by few. It was an inspiring and touching moment that I believe will be remembered by all. Especially us. " - Roy

Roy and Kelli, thank you so much for letting us capture your beautiful day!! Best to you as you enjoy this phase as newlyweds!! xoxo

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