Joe + Loree | Wedding at Eagle Mountain

 It was a beautiful June day at Eagle Mountain where Loree and Joe were getting ready.

Shannon and I watched as Loree's best friend and mom helped her step delicately into her dress, the excitement in the room growing as the whole look finally came together as she slipped into her sparkly shoes and put on her pearl earrings.  There is always that sweet moment that happens for a bride when the hair and makeup is done and she finally slips into her wedding gown.. its so fun to be a witness of as she transforms into a bride. 

Loree was no exception, smiling ear to ear as she put on the last details, ready for her one walk down the aisle. She. Was. Glowing.

This was such a beautiful wedding, Joe and Loree, thank you so much for letting me be a part of capturing you special day! I so appreciate how you guys focused on eachother and your covenant you made before God. It was a truly special ceremony. 
Thank you!!!
Shannon and Jenn 
"I spent the afternoon getting ready with my mom and a good friend.  While I was getting ready, Joe sent over a couple of our friends to deliver a gift and a card to me. What a nice surprise!!  It was hard not to tear up after reading Joe’s words about how excited he was to marry me that day.  I read it a couple more times before the ceremony.  Joe is so thoughtful and it is one of the many attributes I love so much about him!  "- Loree
"My favorite time of day was also the same moment that sticks out the most with Loree in her wedding dress.  It was the moment she was walking down the aisle.  She had a long walk to make, so I had quite a bit of time to reflect on the moment, how far we’d come in our lives to get there, and how wonderful she looked.  It was the only time I’ve ever had that mixture of joy and wonder, and I got a little emotional standing there while she walked up to join me.  There were plenty of great times during the day – dancing with my new wife, spending time with my friends and family... – but I’ll never forget those 60 seconds. "- Joe

There were so many great moments on our wedding day so it is definitely hard to choose just one. I think the moment that sticks out the most was standing across from Joe during our wedding ceremony.  I hadn’t seen him since the day before and he looked as excited and happy as I was.  Everything we had worked and planned for led up to that moment - we made it!  - Loree  

Photos by Shannon and Jenn 
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