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The one word I would use to describe Krystle and Jeff's wedding day; laughter. There was so much of it that when I reflect back, that really is the only thing that comes to mind. The bridesmaids cracking up as they all got ready and posed for photos,  Jeff laughing with his bride as they met for the first time, and the reception... oh don't even get me started! The bridal party, guests and familyl all tore up the dance floor and were cutting loose the entire time. It truly was a joyful day, which is why I love the contrast of one of Krystle's favorite moments of the day... 

"At the time we began to say our vows (specifically when Jeff started saying his) I started to tear up. The thought of spending a lifetime with Jeff and growing old together made me realize how much I wanted to live life and experience new adventures together." Krystle

Jeff and Krystle thank you so much for letting me capture your laughter filled day! It was such an honor to watch you two become one and begin this next phase of your journey together! 
Much love, Jenn

And now... their wedding in photos... 

When I think of Krystle on her wedding day, this is how I think of her, bent over laughing out loud. She was that kind of bride. My favorite. 

"The most memorable part of the day was walking down the isle with my dad and seeing the look on Jeff’s face. He was just all smiles and it made me so happy knowing that I was about to marry the man of my dreams!"  -Krystle

 "The moment that sticks out most to me is seeing Krystle walk down the aisle with her father. I was so overwhelmed with excitement that it could have been 120 degrees outside and I wouldn’t have noticed a thing because I was about to marry my best friend and gorgeous soon-to-be wife. Now the same can’t be said about a half hour later when the bridal party was lining up for pictures outside, because that got toasty."- Jeff

One of my favorite moments of the day, the only time that Krystle wasn't smiling and laughing. During their first dance she buried her head into her new hubby and held his hand tight, the emotions and reality of the day truly sinking in. I loved this moment. 


"It’s hard to pick just one favorite time of that day since the whole thing was everything I could’ve hoped for. If I had to pick one though it would be the beginning of the dancing portion of the evening. Seeing both families and the bridal party all start to break it down on the dance floor was a blast and an awesome memory that will stay with me forever."- Jeff
Have a happy ever after!!

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