Andrew and Nadine | Shenandoah Mill Wedding

Florals: Zuzu's Petals 

We couldn't help but laugh along during the reception with everyone else as Andrew danced with his mom and they gave a dazzling rendition during their special dance to "Margaritaville"! It was so hilarious and everyone enjoyed it so much! Especially Andrew and his mom!! Love these special moments at weddings that make the day so unique! Nadine and Andrew, you guys are meant to be! Thank you for being the type of people that truly focus on the becoming of one! You guys are headed for a long and happy life together as Mr. and Mrs! We were so thankful to be there to capture your beautiful, quaint, colorful wedding!

"Nadine and I often talk about how we continue to remember all we can
to remember all the experiences we had during the wedding day and
evening so that we won't forget them. We have been anxiously awaiting
the pictures so that we can continue to relive all our moments." - Andrew

Well Andrew and Nadine, the time has come to relive your day through photos! So open a bottle of wine, cuddle up together as you look through and remember the best day of your life! Enjoy!

"The best part of our wedding day was actually seeing Nadine for the first time
walking down the aisle. I kept hearing how beautiful and amazing Nadine looked from
several people during the day. I eventually got annoyed by everyone
else being able to see her when I wasn't. I often heard how great of a
moment this was for people, but I was really able to experience it for
myselft. It definitely was one of the most special times of the whole
wedding process. Seeing my beautiful bride coming down the aisle
looking perfect in her perfect dress (I think I made about every face
imaginable to keep from tearing up)." - Andrew

"I had several, if not many, favorite moments during my wedding day.  One in particular was the moment I was standing with my Dad in anticipation of walking down to aisle to Andrew. It was such a wonderful moment that I got to share with my Dad.  He asked if I was ready.  I said with full confidence “Yes.”  Walking down the aisle was a blur until I saw Andrew smiling back at me.  I had been waiting to marry this man for what felt like so long and that was the moment that it was finally happening. The two men I love most in my life, my Dad and Andrew, helped make this moment one of my absolute favorites." - Nadine

"The story I feel I repeat the most is just how much fun and how
perfect the whole day was. I tell everyone how great is was to be
surrounded by friends and family who loved us, and came hundreds of
miles to be with us. I also just tell everyone how perfect Nadine
looked, because she was stunning. After I bring these two up, I
usually ramble on about every other detail from the wedding until I
notice the person gets that "disinterested look" in ther face. All in
all, I don't think I could have asked for a more perfect day."

"I would say the
first few minutes after being proclaimed "Husband and Wife" would be
the next several minutes. It was like I was finally at ease and
relaxed. I can't remember a time when I was happier. It was truly a
great moment." Andrew

"I would love to re-live all the first dances; my dance with Nadine was the most fun. 
I loved looking into her eyes, talking to
her, and singing along together as we tore up the dance floor. I
almost forget what the words of the songs were because I was so lost
in the moment." Andrew

"I think the memory that pops out most vibrantly was going to cut the cake and having no knife to do so!  It’s funny that this is the memory that pops out so much because it’s so silly.  This is how I feel like life with Andrew is though, silly and a little unpredictable.  But that’s what makes life with him so much fun!" - Nadine

"P.S. I'd like to re-live our cake cutting, except this time with a
knife to cut the cake ;)..." Andrew

Thank you guys so much!! 

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