Jason & Jessica: Wild Horse Pass Wedding

We were so thrilled to be a part of capturing Jason and Jessica's perfect wedding day! One of our favorite moments from the day was as Jessica was getting ready and putting on her dress for the first time. She stepped in fully clothed as all her bridesmaids looked on. She did this cute little wiggle and the next thing we knew she was handling her pants from out from the dress!! We were all in awe and everyone was cracking up at her skill and talent! I'm still convinced she practiced!! : ) 
"There was a moment when we were taking pictures right after the ceremony that Jessica was twirling around to show off her dress. The image of that moment is burned into my memory because it was so perfect. The sun was setting, she was smiling, I will never forget that moment." - Jason

Vendors we are happy to credit for making this day so awesome !
Event Planning:  Laurie Sticklin
Sign and Paper: Envelope Envy

THank you Jessica and Jason! Enjoy your wedding photos and life as newlyweds!

"I think the memory that pops out the most is the time with my dad when we were getting ready to walk down the aisle, and then actually walking down the aisle.  It was so special to have those few moments with him and it made the whole thing seem so much more real!  Our flower girl wasn’t very happy that both of her parents had just left her to walk down the aisle (they were both in the wedding party), so we were being silly to keep her happy.  It was so fun and was an extremely special father/daughter moment that I think we will both cherish forever." - Jessica

"Maybe it’s cheesy, but the ceremony was my favorite part of the day. Beyond being the reason for the whole wedding, it was so special and was perfect for us.  Jason wrote it too, so that made it even more special.  Even though it actually took about half an hour, it felt like it took 2 minutes, so Jason and I are both so excited to see the pictures and the video.  Even though we were in front of all those people, it felt like it was just the two of us.  The whole thing was so emotional and so exciting, I still can’t believe it is over and we are actually married!" - Jessica

"I surprised myself with my own reaction when I first saw our beer burros.  I knew they were coming, but we decided just before the ceremony started that they would walk around the corner as we were walking back down the aisle so that we could see them.  I guess the new plan hadn’t really sunk in, and my emotions were so high from the whole ceremony that I about started sobbing from laughing so hard at actually seeing them.  During the ceremony I was alternating between being ecstatic and trying not to cry, so when I finally started laughing at the burros all those emotions started coming out and I almost lost it.  The burros were an entire saga in themselves, so having them there at all was super exciting!" - Jessica
           " It really hit me when Jessica and I were able to have a few minutes away from everyone else during the cocktail hour. We just got married, we had just taken a ton of pictures, and then we were able to take a few deep breaths and take it all in. It was our first moments as a married couple and I’ll never forget it. " Jason
            "I would go back to the first hour of the reception. Jessica and I enjoyed talking with our guests so much that we took up too much time and didn’t make it around to everyone. It was great seeing so many people just there to have fun, but I would want to try and go back and talk to everyone. Reminiscing with people I knew and hearing stories about how people knew Jessica was a blast. And even if I couldn’t change that hour, I think it was the most fun." - Jason

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