Christmas Photos with the Bickart Family

What is it with toddlers and being so dang cute?

I mean if i walked out in a red velvet dress and white tights i would look like an overstuffed pillow, but put it on a 19 month old and it is the most adorable thing ever!

Our little Katie is proof of that.

 Katie needed a little break from the camera, so I took the opportunity to get a few of just Heidi and Aaron, and I'm so glad. They are such an adorable pair and one of those couples that are clearly in love with eachother.

Katie had her little eye on the carousel all afternoon long, and near the end we finally caved and let her on. The thing wasn't moving, but she didn't care. :)

Thank you guys! Hope to see you again!

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Family photos with the Phillips

I knew the moment her little hand grabbed mine it was going to be a great session.

We were only 5 minutes into the shoot and already little Maya was as friendly as could be and grabbed my hand as we crossed the road to the pond. Her big brother followed in suite and they both said "hello" and "hi" to every person we passed.

"Oh that's just how they are!" Melissa replied when i commented about their kids amazingly friendly personalities. (Clearly a trait they got from their sweet parents)

Photography is a breeze when you have families like this. Love. it.

This little guy makes me wish i had kids 4.5 years ago. Such a great big brother and an innocent smile. 

And check out this little one! She took no direction and just smiled promtly and lavished kisses. So cute! 

Melissa and Kirk recently celebrated 10 years of marriage!! We got a chance to sneak away for a minute (don't worry the kids were close by) to capture a bit of their love. I don't know about you... but I kind of think it was magical. 

Thank you for sharing your family and letting me capture your abundant love for each other! 

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An afternoon with the Pierce Family

Their personalities were just as Tonya described each of them. 

Leigh Ann is my momma's girl a  little version of me. Obedient and helpful. 
Kanyon has a lot of energy. 
Will is our youngest and he is hit or miss! 

As soon as they arrived, Kanyon was friendly and ran to each new location. Leigh Ann stood faithfully by her parents and took direction very well. And Will, well he was a little fireball, sometimes smiling sometimes not. Shy when he first met me, but warm and spirited by the time we ended our session.

I love how you can have  such vibrant and yet different personalities within one family. It takes some pretty awesome parents to be able to nurture and grow them each up to be so individual.

 In the time I got to interact with Tonya and Geoff you could tell they were parents that are comfortable with parenting, if that makes sense? Like you hang out with the Pierce's and they just kinda got this ebb and flow thing working for them. They all know their place and add a different dynamic to the family. Its very comfortable to be around, and by the end of the session, I just kind of felt a part. 

Like I was with friends hanging out in the park. 

Will warmed up quickly and one of my favorite moments of the shoot as I was walking to my car, he came running up behind me. Stopped, looked up and very purposefully said,  " Bye Jenn!". It was like he *needed* to make sue he said that. 

And I was glad he did. 

Thank you for letting me be a part of the family for a day! Hope to hang out with you guys again soon! 

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Impromptu cuteness and love all around: The Godfrey's

" Okay,  I want you guys to jump on 3... ready...1...2"

And they were off! I knew I was going to like this family as soon as I saw all three set of little  eyes grow wide with the thought of jumping for the camera and their parents, though having dressed them in matching and adorable outfits were all for the idea.  (by the way *stellar outfits* and no offense Mark but I'm giving the credit to Mastaneh on this one) : )

I love when families understand how I shoot and are able to play in front of my camera. It really lets family dynamics come out once we get outside of those "posed" shots and i get to see the real interactions and a sneak peek of what life is like on the inside of their family.

And no, the hand holidng was not posed, he just reached out and grabbed his little sisters hands! Is that not so adorable? I mean, seriously couldn't have planned it better, and trust me i have tried! 

Cute twins, can't you just tell they are destined for a lifetime of being best of friends? : )

Whe I think of the Godfrey family it is ENERGY! This awesome family was full of that and great smiles during their family session.

Thank you for letting me capture your love!

- Jenn

Fears, worries and insecurities.

I was having a really off night.

One where I felt pretty worthless and started questioning whether I really could 'do' this photography thing. Wondering if i was talented enough and if i had it in me to really start my own business.

Full of doubt I vented all my fears, worries and insecurities to my husband.   I talked about not having the best website,  not owning the most expensive lenses and just feeling there is so much I still need to learn about post-processing, composing shots, aperture, and just running a business... and the list goes on and on of things i don't know, haven't done, or haven't mastered yet...

And this man. this lovely encouraging man told me to stop, and walked me through my successes over the last 6 months. And though yes i still have things to learn, and may always have some new skill or goal to 'master', its a process, and we have been so incredibly blessed this last six months.

And as he walked me through those blessings, I tried to interject and launch back into complaining, but like a good and stable husband with a point to make, he wouldn't let me.

And thinking back, the days where i am happiest, feel most fulfilled and excited for life, are the days i get to run around with you kids in the grass, capture their smiles as they wrestle and explore nature. I get joy out of watching happily married couples give eachother piggy back rides and giggle the whole time. I can't help but smile as little girls have a look of awe as they blow bubbles and babies find comfort in their mama's little finger.

Its a joy and a pleasure to capture the love of others. Thank you for letting me be a part, and for your encouragement and support on this journey. For without your seeds of faith in thinking " hey maybe that  Jenn girl could take some photos", I would be no where.

So here is to the next six months, of laughter, getting to know you and continuing to capture the radiant love one camera click at a time.

- Jenn