Jorgensen Family | Portraits

"They are used to getting their picture taken." 

Some of my favorite words.
 To a photographer that is like code word for " these kids know whats up and they are gonna rock this session". 

And that they did!
 Ryann, Kennedy and Logan had their game faces on and we had such a fun shoot! Thank you guys for being adorable, and Liz for having 'matching' but not too matchy outfits! : )  Loved it! Thank you for letting me capture your adorable family!

The Jorgensen Family

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Don't you ever get tired of weddings??

I recently sat with an engaged couple and we talked over coffee about what they wanted for their big wedding day. They talked about how she wants him to cry when he sees her for the first time and how much they are looking forward to the moment she walked down the aise. 

I found myself getting excited for them as I sipped on my caramel brûlée latte and, okay I can't lie, I may have teared up a bit too! I gave them suggestions on how to make their day run smooth, how to plan out the schedule, we looked up their wedding venue online, flipped through photos and talked about awesome shots we could capture of them. 

At one point the groom stopped me; "You are so excited.... don't you ever get tired of it since you've been to so many weddings?" 

"Not at all!" Quickly popped out of my mouth.

I didn't have to think twice, and I stand behind it now.
I. love. weddings.

  I really don't get tired of them. Each couple brings a fresh take to a wedding day. Every day is different. The dress, the bridal party, the first dance, the things that don't go perfect that you look back and laugh about.

Each one is unique to that specific couple. No day is ever the same, so really, each couple that I sit with is new, its like a whole new story I get to witness them write.

Thank you for letting me capture you stories! 

Mark + Kristin | Wedding

Kristin and Mark! 
Such a beautiful couple and their wedding day perfectly reflected their peace and love towards each other and all the amazing people in their life. I remember their engagement session and how genuinely joyful this couple was being around eachother. 

Their vision for their day truly came to life as Mark and Kristin focused on spending time with their closest friends and family. From their backyard that they decked out, their personally written vows,the enthusiastic “we will” from their friends and loved ones as they were asked to support their marriage, to the heartfelt, yet comical speech that Kristin's son gave...This was such an intimate and special occasion that I was so thankful to no only capture, but by the end felt a part of. This couple has a gift to genuinely make feel people welcome and appreciated. 

Mark and Kristin, you are a beautiful pairing and I'm so glad I got to witness your special day! Best to you and your family as you begin the amazing new journey side by side.

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