Colby & Jamie| Scottsdale Montelucia Wedding

“To be honest, I’d like to say every moment with Colby sticks out; maybe its because the wedding was still only a few weeks ago, but I loved every moment with him. Obviously the first look was incredible, I’d been waiting a year to show him my dress and I know he loved it. The last few hours had been really overwhelming, there was just so much going on with getting ready for the wedding. When I started getting in my dress and finishing things up, my heart rate went up and I kept saying to myself, “this is really happening.” When I got to see him, it made everything perfect… it helped me relax, it made everything…right. I was ready for anything because I had him with me."  -Jamie

I had been waiting for this wedding for what felt like such a long time! After shooting one of the bridesmaids and groomsmen(Sarah and Erik) wedding at Foxboro last summer, I quickly fell in love with everyone in the Hinkson family and couldn't wait to see Jamie and Colby! What I didn't anticipate was how amazing the Balducci family was! Man do they know how to get a party going! From the crazy dancing, to impromptu speeches that ended with both dads of the bride and groom on stage playing instruments like no ones' business - it truly was a wedding to remember! 

Besides this being one of those weddings that I wish I could have been a guest at as well, Jamie and Colby have such an ease about them as a couple that it truly felt like we were just hanging out with friends all day, frolicking around the Montelucia, laughing with them as they said their heartfelt and true to themselves vows during the wedding... and just capturing memories as we went. 

Colby, Jamie- Mr. and Mrs. Hinkson... It was such a pleasure, one I will never forget! I wish you both the best of luck in this amazing journey we call marriage. Much love, 
The Jenn Wagner Studio Team

Huge applause to all our amazing vendors for whom is credited such a beautiful day! 
Planner: Teonna Earp
Resort Planner: Courtney Townsend for Montelucia
Menswear: Mr. Formal
Rings: Shane Co.
Invitations: Peg Vakula

I loved this moment when Jamie had just finished getting her dress on and got to Skype with her grandparents that couldn't be there. It was such a sweet moment as they saw Jamie in her dress and a few happy tears were shared by all. 

“I tell anybody who will listen how amazing Jamie looked, especially during our first look together.  It was a very surreal moment to see her in her dress with her hair and makeup done for the first time.  Our first look was completely incredible and it was very nice to have a moment that was just her and I.  We very much enjoyed that time together.  I also was completely blown away by the service at the Montelucia.  While we were taking our portraits after the ceremony we had a personal waitress who followed us around with a fresh drink and appetizers for the entire 45 minute photo shoot.  Jamie and I felt like complete royalty.  Our wedding day was amazing and I would't change a single thing about it. “ - Colby


"If I had the ability to relive one hour of the day, I would go back to waiting at the end of the aisle at the start of our ceremony.  Even though we did the first look and had an hours worth of photos together at that point, there is something about standing at the end of the aisle; the anticipation and excitement to see her, it was as if this was the first time I'd seen her ever.  I would go back to the point where she stood at the end of the aisle and began her walk to me.  I would continue with the entirety of our ceremony, which would be nice since my nerves, excitement, and joy only allowed me to hear every other sentence of our ceremony. That hour ended right around the time that Jamie and I were able to get into the reception hall early and see the fully decorated venue alone.  That was such a magical moment for us to be together, and to see an entire years worth of work and planning come together.  To me, that was the best hour of the day, and I would give anything to be able to go back and relive it." - Colby

  “My favorite time of the day was the hour between the ceremony and reception. During that hour Colby and I got to see the reception by ourselves, which was really exciting! It allowed us to really enjoy and see what we had been planning this past year before anyone else--and we got to enjoy this by ourselves, together. I felt like we were little kids in a candy shop just running around the ballroom looking at everything. As that hour continued for sunset photos, I honestly just felt so happy and so at peace. The sun was setting, we had just said “I do” and we had an amazing night ahead of us.” -Jamie

“During the father-daughter dance, my dad started to get emotional and choke up—my dad loves being silly and he is one who does not show his true emotions much. I remember dancing with him and in the middle of the song, I noticed he was starting to cry. In that moment to attempt to hold his emotions back, my dad decided to break down some moves—he started wiggling his arms and even dropped to the floor and shook his legs in the air. I don’t know if our guests knew what was going on, but it was truly an amazing moment that I get to now cherish and laugh about forever.” - Jamie

"I  also vibrantly remember cutting the cake because he covered my face-- forehead to chin, and I didn’t even care because it tasted so good, plus then I got him back!” -Jamie

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