Dub Antrikin | Portraits

He loves tractors. He loves trucks. 
He can tell the difference between a dozer and a trailer.
He loves chips and salsa. And I don't mean wimpy pico de gallo, I mean like full on salsa with hot peppers and spices mixed in. He's the only kid under 2 that I've seen take a chip and voluntarily dip it into salsa that even makes my mouth burn! 

He loves his daddy and gets excited about reading books. He doesn't cry when its time to go to bed; and when he wakes up he just likes to cuddle up to momma for about 15 minutes. Its really cute. 

This is William Antrikin the III, but he goes by Dub and he is almost 2 years old! 

He loves his Momma!

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Pura Vida Hot Yoga | Portraits

If you love hot yoga, you NEED to check out Pura Vida Hot Yoga in Chandler. 

Not only do they have amazing instructors and classes that will make you WORK, but there is a community aspect that is so inviting. People get there 1/2 hour early just to hang out, and Marco and Faidre throw BBQ's at their house and invite the class. Its a great place to work out and I highly recommend checking them out! 

Check out their website here: http://www.puravidahotyoga.com/index.html

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Patrick and Susie | Wedding

There was a lot of buildup to that one moment.... I mean  for months he'd heard about the dress, listened to everyone's reactions who'd seen her in the dress...but that day, as he stood at the front of the aisle, and  Susie, walked up to the glass doors in her wedding dress for the first time... he was absolutely stunned. 

And let me tell you, she did. look. unbelievable. 
 Her wedding dress fit her petite and fit frame *perfectly*. 

Susie knew early on their relationship that Patrick was the man for her.  They both knew that marriage was something they were willing to work hard to make it in this life,  together. 

Patrick and Susie! Thank you guys for letting me capture your beautiful day! 

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