Josh + Stephanie | Sassi Wedding

When Shannon and I arrived to Sassi for Stephanie and Josh's day, we were energized, excited and ready for a great day- and thats a good thing because that was exactly how everyone else felt! The day could not have gone any better! One of our favorite memories was watching the flower girl chase the car keys attached to her flower basket down the aisle, and the look on Stephanie's face as she saw Josh at the front. It was a mix of pure excitement and overwhelming emotion as she saw him, really saw him standing ready to recieve his bride. We both teared up capturing that moment!! It was a beautiful day and we loved being there! 
I love how Stephanie talks about her wedding day: 
"Everyone prepared me for something to go horribly wrong, so all morning and afternoon I waited and waited for something bad to happen ... my hair to fall out, a vendor to no-show, a dress to rip ... anything and everything. But then everything went PERFECTLY. Not one thing went wrong and every little detail of our planning just fell into place. I think I'm a very lucky bride. In retrospect, I giggle thinking about how much brain power and energy I put into the little details. For instance, our table numbers. For some reason I was SO worried about what to choose (damn Pinterest gives you too many options!), but in reality a table number is a table number and quickly after your guests find their way to their seat, that "thing" you spent so much time worrying about, doesn't matter at all"

Thanks to all of these amazing vendors for putting together a beautiful day! 
Venue: Sassi 
Flowers: Flowers by Jodi
Videography: Simply Cinema

" I would relive the events right before the ceremony with my groomsman, the first look with my wife, and the ceremony. It went by so quickly and I wish I could have slowed things down to take it all in." - Josh

"Looking back at our wedding, there are so many vivid memories that make me smile ... Getting ready with my bridesmaids, my first step into the dress, one on one time with my best friend and maid of honor as she bustled my dress after the ceremony. But the memory that remains the most vivd is my first look with Josh. Thinking about my walk towards him after his name was called and he turned around and smiled still gives me goosebumps and brings tears to my eyes. It was right then, at that moment, that it hit me... We're about to be married! And anything that happened beyond that point didn't matter. Everything was right in the world. " -Stephanie

"When she was walking down the aisle she was looking at all the friends and family in attendance, but then when she was about 5 or 6 feet from the altar, she looked right at me and smiled. That was like an electric shock when we locked eyes and I realized that we were about to be married, finally after all the planning and preparation. I saw my wife and it was all so wonderfully REAL at that moment." - Josh

Thank you guys for letting us be a part of capturing you amazing day! We could not be more thrilled for you guys!! 

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