Wendy and Travis | Wedding

I don't know how it happens, but i have been so blessed with the most laid back brides and grooms and it just thrills me! I love when couples are able to enjoy their day, truly in the moment, enjoying it , and not expecting it to be perfect, but just perfectly them. 

Wendy and Travis spent their beautiful wedding day surrounded by close friends and family and living it up on the golf course in Sun Lakes!


Thank you guys so much for letting me capture your wedding day! Best to you both as you start this new phase of life together! 

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Hammer Family | Portraits

It is always work. 

Picking out outfits, scheduling around nap times, getting the kids dressed up, fed,  in and out of the car after driving where you need to get to. 

But the memories. The moments. 
 They are worth it. 

Oh they are *so* worth it. 

Jenny and Aaron decided to go one step further for their family photos this year and tote their kiddos 2 hours away to Sedona. 
Don't get me wrong, its a lot of effort for family photos... but my friends, it paid off. 
We had a super relaxed session taking our time enjoying the cool weather, pulling out the family wagon, stopping for snack breaks next to streams and playing in the fall leaves. 

These are moments in their little lives that will be so brief as they quickly grow, but that they will remember so clearly. 
Thank you guys for trusting me to capture you beautiful family! I am tempted to make my own prints of you guys and hang them up in my own house : ) Much love and enjoy. 

Literally got chills on this one. Its just too sweet. 

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