Brad and Renee wedding at Villa Sienna!- Shannon

Brad and Renee got married on a colorful May afternoon at the beautiful Viella Sienna in Gilbert. Surrounded by friends and family, these two smiled uncontrollably as they held hands during their ceremony and pledged their love and affections for each other. Their was a unanimious whooop of applause as these two kissed and sealed the deal! I had such a blast capturing their beautiful day, and I loved Renee's retelling of one of her favorite memories from the day... 

"When I look back the moment that sticks out for me is walking down the aisle. I remember them opening the door and hearing the music which made my eyes well up and my heart pound with excitement.  Looking out and seeing everyone and I was trying so hard not to cry. The story I have been telling everyone is that while walking down I kept saying "tell me a joke, tell me a joke, I don't want to cry" to my brother. The jokes were not really that funny but we both laughed to keep from balling!" - Renee

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