Sean + Aparajitha | Downtown Phoenix Engagement Session!

Oh my gosh; meet this couple once and you feel like you've known them for a year! Sean and Aparajitha are the most real down to earth people that just love to have fun! Their outgoing and friendly personalities are just the perfect mix together! We had a such a blast on their engagement session downtow; Sean showed up dressed to the 9's and was so excited for this shoot! I LOVE LOVE LOVE when guys show up pumped! It sets such a good mood for the whole session and Aparajitha looked amazing! Styling for this shoot was done by the talented Tiffany Tank who we were happy to have with us on the shoot which was so helpful!

We cannot wait to capture their destination wedding in the spring! It is going to be amazing watching these two tie the knot!! When I asked Ap a few questions about her and Sean this memory made me laugh out loud! 

See you guys soon! 

"One thing that makes me laugh is the first weekend we hung out- I was waiting for him outside his hotel to go to the airport to pick one of our friends up and he took forever to come out and so I left him. He instead runs out of the hotel and runs and gets into the car and realized it wasn't mine since he was sitting next to a car seat which had a baby. He totally scared the parents who probably thought they were getting mugged!" - Aparajitha

 "The first time I realized I was in love with him was when he cooked me and my friends breakfast on my bday weekend in Chicago." - Aparajitha

"For our first kiss: he made the first move- he had clearly been wanting to:)" - Aparajitha

Ap and Sean - you guys are amazing together! We can't wait to see you at your spring wedding!! :  )

Chris and Amber : Montelucia Wedding

 As a photographer, I always see articles on "Why couples should have a first look" and it has all these amazing photos of reactions from grooms seeing their bride before their wedding. Well I can honestly say that Chris' reaction to see Amber in her dress for the first time is something I will never forget! It belongs front and center on one of those articles! His eyes got massive and his mouth dropped open as Amber walked towards him. The reaction was well deserved as Amber looked absolutely perfect. From her dress that fit her perfectly to her hair and complimentary bouquet; the whole look was overwhelming.  It was personally my favorite moment of the day as they melted into each others' arms and spoke sweet things that I'll never know but can only imagine were sweet and loving.

Chris and Amber, thank you so much for letting us be there!! Your love for each other is radiant and we could not have asked for a more laid back, sweet and STUNNING couple to work with! We love you guys!! 

The day would not have been so amazing without this awesome group of vendors! 

Invitations/Paper: Celebrations In Paper

And now; Amber and Chris' wedding day through photos. 

"The flow of things went from normal to wedding crazy on the day of the rehearsal. We still needed to pack our things at the house and bring them to the venue. It was way past the time for this to happen and I knew things were falling behind. Just as that thought crossed my mind, Topher (the best man) sent me a text message asking if I needed anything. I responded that I would take him up on his offer to help. Shortly after, my cousin Paul offered to help as well. Later I found out he said he was kidnapped (lies, he volunteered!). The three of us pulled together and got everything moved over to the Montelucia just in the nick of time." - Chris

"The memory that pops out most vibrantly is seeing my bouquet for the first time. We were
running late so things were moving quickly. Secondly, Chris couldn’t find my wedding band!
With every inch of my being, I was trying to keep it together. Sarah, my make-up artist, was
Trying to distract  me with funny stories, but all I could think of in that moment was, “do not
cry!!” In the middle of all this chaos, Kristen, from Blume Events, popped around the corner
and handed me my beautiful, white bouquet of flowers. (She was even able to get me white
peonies!!) I wanted to burst into tears that very moment but looking into Kristen’s eyes
and seeing this beautiful wedding bouquet in front of me provided me the strength that I
needed in that moment. Kristen, I loved my bouquet! It was absolutely perfect and more
beautiful than I could have ever imagined it to be." - Amber

" I loved seeing Chris for the first time! As I walked around the corner to capture my “first look”, I
was overtaken by emotions. I instantly started crying as I saw my future husband’s face light
up with excitement. In that moment, I found a sense of peace for the first time that day. I
was content, happy and in love. Unfortunately, from that point on, the day was stuck in fast!"


" If I could re-live 1 hour of the day, I would relive the ceremony. For me, having all of our closest friends and family around us when we became husband and wife was the pinnacle of the day. The weather, the quartet, the venue, the audience, the flower girls and the words that Pastor Lee prepared were perfect. Amber looked absolutely amazing all in white and I couldn't have been happier as I said my vows to her. Truly a perfect day!" Chris

"Well, our invitations started off a bit rocky! The RSVP envelopes had the wrong apartment
number on them! We noticed this AFTER they were sent out! After several inquiries,
Chris and I decided NOT to tell our guests and hope for the best! We went out and bought
our mailman a Starbucks gift card and humbly asked him to keep an eye out for purple
envelopes. Luckily, he knew EXACTLY which envelopes we were talking about. Seriously,
who could miss a bright “beet” colored envelope!" - Amber

"One thing I will never forget, is my brother's toast. I know he is a great writer and performer, but I never anticipated how great his speech would be. It was unabashed, poignant and hilarious. I love and am very proud of my brother. His toast was unforgettable and will go down in Thomas lore for the ages." Chris

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