Pinwheels, petals and pearls; The Richardson Wedding!

He was given strict instructions. "Your back must be to the audience until Katelyn is right at the entrance of the walkway,  you will get tapped and THEN you are allowed to turn around".
The buildup to the moment was so worth it as the the parents, bridesmaids and flower bearer all made their way down the aisle. The audience stood up and turned, getting a sneak peak as   Katelyn walked toward the aisle... Paul still facing away, waiting patiently at the front. 
The colorful handmade pinwheels turned enthusiastically on the chairs that lined the aisles as if impatient as well. And with a small tap, Paul turned to face his bride just a small walk from him down a petal filled aisle. Large tears ran down his cheeks as the woman of his dreams walked stood adorned in pearls and a white perfect dress;  he smiled as his future came walking towards him.

Katelyn and Paul... I can't thank you enough for letting me capture your love and the long awaited kiss at the altar. You have an amazing bunch of friends and family who support and will cheer you on as you enter this new wonderful phase of life. Your day was perfect and everything fell into place just as it should have. It was such an honor to document your wedding. Much love... Jenn

Look to the expression on this girls face when her soon to be hubby turned around! Love. It. 

 Love the tear rolling down Paul's face on this one... so sweet!

The brand new Mr. and Mrs. Richardson!

 Thank you guys for letting me be a part of your beautiful day! 

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Sadie Senior Photos!

She is headed off to Cal state in July for her freshman year of college... but first we spent some time to capture Sadie in her last few weeks of her high school life!

Her smile was stunning and this girl knew how to work the camera with her bright beautiful eyes and contagious smile! Her mom and sis were along for the ride, so I couldn't help but pull them in for a few shots as well : )

Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful personality Sadie! Best to you in this new awesome journey in your life!

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