Sunridge Golf Course Wedding Photos | Fountain Hills, AZ Photographer | Andrew and Brenna | Sunridge Fountain Hills Wedding

It was one of those days in Arizona where even if you weren't getting married you would want to be outside. Everything in bloom and the spring air just drawing you outdoors which is exactly where we headed after these two got ready in Fountain Hills. Sunridge Golf Course did not disappoint with amazing colors, landscape and impeccable views for everyone as these two said their I do's! The party stayed outside for reception and first dances, and it couldn't have been a more perfect evening! Brenna and Andrew laughed together the entire day and it was hard to find a photo without them smiling... save for the few photos of Brenna with happy tears! 

You guys thank you so much for letting us capture your beautiful wedding day! Ryan and I aboslutley loved every moment of it and wish you all the best as you continue life together as man and wife! 

All our best, 
Jenn, and the Studio Girls

"On our wedding day there were PLENTY of happy tears! Well it all started to hit me when I faintly heard "Girl from the North Country" by Bob Dylan cue as the bridal party began their march down the aisle. At that moment I looked up at my dad, and he asked me "does this feel real yet?", man, that sure turned on the faucet! As soon as "Indian Summer" by The Doors came on, I knew that  simple acoustic melody was the introduction to the rest of my life. I turned the corner and I felt as if Andrew and I were the only two people in the entire world living in that moment. I couldn't help but let my overwhelming emotions of happiness pour down my face!" - Brenna

  "The moment of Brenna that stands out the most is her sprinting down the aisle and then her face when we looked at each other for the first time.  She was so beautiful(still is, but you know what I mean.)" - Andrew

  "Looking back, the day went by too fast.  One minute I'm standing inside having a drink with my groomsmen, the next I'm walking back down the aisle with Brenna as a married man.  It was all a blur!" - Andrew
I love these two above... they had just walked down the aisle and this sweet moment just happened... 

"The entire night was so fun that I don;t really repeat the same story.  Each person I talk to enjoyed a different part of the night....the scenery....the food....the amount of alcohol everyone drank.....the DJ playing DMX and all of our friends going crazy....the pizza coming out at 9:00(that was actually a pretty big hit)....Brenna walking over a pile of lit sparklers in her wedding dress and making everyone think she was about to burst into flames.." - Andrew

 "I feel like the whole night was a blur! The thought that comes to mind every time I think back are just all the smiling faces. It was such a loving event and I feel like smiles were plastered on everyones face the entire night! Especially me! Every picture I see if myself, I am just grinning from ear to ear. :)" - Brenna

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Arizona Biltmore Event WIPA Photos | Phoenix, AZ Photographer | Iconic Fashion

WIPA Event at the Arizona Biltmore 

We consider it such an honor to be a part of the select group of incredible wedding professionals in WIPA (Wedding Industry Professionals Association)! We are a part of the growing Phoenix branch and last night we had an amazing evening styled by Rhonda Rush at Impact Events, held at the Arizona Biltmore. 

The theme was Iconic Fashion - Designer Inspired, and boy was it an evening to remember! Each of the 15 tables were themed to different designers like Kate Spade,  Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wang. The tables-capes perfectly captured the essence of each brand and it was great to see people run to their seats to grab their favorite designer when the dinner gong sounded! The amazing Alex Evjen, who is an Arizona-Native turned worldwide designer/Pinterest guru was there to teach and inspire us on the power of social media and marketing!

We loved getting to capture the creativity of so many other inspirational vendors around the valley that came together for such an amazing evening. 

The Vendors

The lovely vendors included: 

Great job everyone! 

Thanks for a great evening everyone!