Westin Kierland Resort | Scottsdale, Arizona | Sean and Laura

This is THAT couple. 
You know the one with the darling engagement story that had us all swooning over the planned out details that Sean had put together for Laura?
 The one where he set up dinner at their favorite restaurant, followed by an elaborate story to surprise Laura at her favorite Westin with flowers and her gorgeous ring... and then this guy went even further for his new bride-to-be and planned out an entire celebration of their engagement with their out of town and family right after he proposed!?
Yes! That couple! 

The ones with the super cute engagement photos in Troon North?

If we thought their engagement was something special, you should have seen their wedding! They truly had every detail covered  and made their guests feel like they were a part of something truly special; because they were! Sean and Laura it was truly a beautiful day and I loved seeing all the people that love and support you as you begin this journey together in marriage! 
All my best, 
Jenn Wagner and the Studio Girls!

The amazing team of vendors that made this day so beautiful! 
Event Designer and Director: Jenni Thye at Imoni Events
Florals: Flora Bella
Paper Goods: Be in Love Designs
Videographer: Something New Media
Makeup and Hair Stylist: Babydoll Weddings
Groom Outfitting: Nordstrom
Photography: Jenn Wagner Studio

“Looking back on the day, one of the memories that pops out most to me was getting ready with my sisters and Mom.” - Laura

“The one moment of Laura that is most vibrant in my mind is her walking down the aisle . . . I’ll never forget it!” -Sean
”There were too many amazing moments of the day! In
the morning I took a walk with my parents and it was so nice
to spend time with them before all the craziness of the day
started! Seeing Sean for the first time! I promised myself I
would only look at him the entire time I walked down the
aisle and I did! It was so special and felt like we were
sharing our own moment even though everyone was watching
us!” - Laura

“One of the stories we tell our friends about is how we ended up eating cheeseburgers late night together after everyone else had gone to sleep!” - Sean
“If I could relive 1 hour of the day, I would definitely go back to the dancing with Laura and family and friends at the reception!  We had so much fun together!” -Sean
“Our first dance song was
Holocene by Bon Iver. It is not your typical wedding song
but has always been our song and it has a lot of meaning to
us. When we first started dancing Sean and I both started to
laugh a little as we both agreed that we were more nervous
at that moment rather then the ceremony as everyone was
watching us dance. We never praticed a dance or anything and
I kept saying "Twirl me, we have to do something
different, were just doing the same thing over and
over," and he said "No, don't worry it's
just you and me, keep dancing!" So I did and I just
focused on us!” - Laura
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Scottsdale Engagement | Scottsdale, Arizona | Lauren and Jacob Love story!

Just walking to the session location these two would not stop smiling and laughing! We hadn't even started yet and already I knew this was going to be a special one... and it was! They both said there were a little nervous about getting their photos taken ( and everyone is!) but once they were together and interacting, it just clicked and with every press of the button I knew there was magic in the making. 
These two are in the midst of a crazy season together of planning a wedding, moving across country and starting new jobs. And yet together, you would never tell. Its like as long as they are doing it together, they'll be alright. Their genuine trust between these two is tangible, and I walked away from our session feeling refreshed and thanking God for this career and passion that allows me to take a sneak peek inside the love of others. Its contagious and I smiled the rest of the evening. 

Lauren and Jacob, you two have something special. I'm so happy for you both and cannot wait to be there to capture your first button of the dress, your first kiss, and all the smiles that I know will follow. 
All my best, 

"We would walk each other to our dorms (mainly Jacob to mine at night) and talk endlessly about our futures and how amazing our college lives (and future lives) could be. We adopted the saying "we have the best lives," and have never looked back. One Valentine’s day in college Jacob surprised me by decorating the dorm room that I shared with my sister with hundreds of small Valentines – like the kind you give out to your classmates in elementary school. On each one of the little cards (which were spread literally everywhere in the room) Jacob had written something that he liked about me or a cheesy pick-up line. Cheesy or not, I was smitten. I continued to find Valentines that had somehow escaped the clean-up process around my room well into April that year. I still carry around a holographic Cinderella Valentine that reads “You’re my princess! <3 Jacob.” This memory never fails to bring a smile to my face." - Lauren
"My favorite thing about Lauren is her love for life and adventure. Rarely if ever have I proposed an idea to which she says no, or is tentative about. Lauren loves travel, adventurous food, and experiencing all of the diversity life offers with me. Her willingness to be my partner in adventure is my favorite part of her."-Jacob
"Jacob and I met on a study abroad trip to Spain when we were only 17. We were both shy, but through a series of note exchanges during classes and some after class socializing, it became clear we both had crushes. While we were staying in the beach city of Alicante, Jacob asked me if I had ever been kissed in the ocean before. I replied that I had not, and Jacob insisted that this was something that must be remedied immediately. What could have been a scene from a romance movie quickly turned into a bad comedy, as we realized that the water that day was actually quite choppy…and pretty chilly…and surprisingly deep. Somehow even with the chills and face-fulls of salt water it was entirely prefect." - Lauren
"Personally, I would advise anybody seeking a soul mate to dedicate themselves to acts of service. Love is a verb. Lauren and I choose each day to put one another above ourselves. When searching for someone to marry, it is more important to hear about her and her life story. If you are compatible, and listen to her, you just might find out that you are meant for one another. Don’t give up – When you find the right person it’s all worth it!" -Jacob

"With Jacob I can always trust that he wants what is the best for me and will move heaven and earth to help me achieve my goals. This is the quality I love most about Jacob, he is a giver, and relationships are all about giving." - Lauren

"I believe I did say I love you first. I told Lauren I loved her during a period of great turbulence in my life. My parents were separating, and she was my rock. She supported me and gave me strength beyond strength to endure, and a reason to believe in true love. I told her that I loved her one day during this time in our lives, and we realized we were definitely on the same page. "-Jacob
Thank you guys so much for letting me capture your radiant love! I can't wait for your wedding day!! See you soon!
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