Colin and Staci - Mountain Engagement Session

By the time we left the mountain I felt like I had known Colin and Staci as a couple for a year! They banter back and forth like they've already been married for years and have an ease about them that makes you feel like its just always been like this. Them. A couple. Together, it just works and I am so happy for my sweet friend Staci who is marrying the love of her life this fall in Las Vegas! We had a blast taking these engagement photos and it was clear from the beginning how much these two are meant to be. I love asking couples to share their stories, and Colin's response to when they first said I Love You had me laughing and tearing up! So sweet! Enjoy! 

 This is going to get me in so much trouble, but I can't remember when we dropped the first "I Love You"... I'm the worst! But I can tell you she's stuck with me forever because I love that girl more than words can explain.” - Colin
“About a month and a half after we started dating, I went on a trip to a music festival with some college friends for the weekend. I ended up on the phone with him the whole time, texting him, and talking about him. Thinking back, it must have been nauseating to be around. When I got home, I cried and told him how much I missed him. I couldn’t stop crying, it was ridiculous. He laughed at me, hugged me and said he missed me too. I knew the only reasonable options were that  love that I loved him or I was insane.” - Staci

“Colin and I had been trying to go skiing for months because he has been trying to learn but we had been so busy through the fall and winter. We previously had tried to go up in January, but the weather was bad and the mountain didn’t open that day, I later learned he was trying to propose that day. So, flash forward to February (which happen to be our 2.5 year anniversary, if you count those things) we finally made it .  In the afternoon, a storm was coming in and I told him we should get going home. He asked if we could do one more run. As we got to the top of the run, Colin ask if we could take a picture. I was being a brat, because I just wanted to go home, but agreed anyway. He got out of his skis (which btw is completely unnecessary for a picture). I wasn’t paying attention until, I notice that he had taken his gloves off and still wasn’t in his skis after the photo. Being the brat I was I asked what he was doing again, then he got down on his knee. I kept asking what he was doing, more frantically. He asked me to hang out with him forever and marry him. I obviously said yes! He had brought my grandmothers ring with him. He put it on my finger. We took another photo; you know, for proof it happened. Then he asked for the ring back. Cause he didn’t trust me not to drop it in the snow skiing down the hill. The perfect end to the proposal!” - Staci

She's an insanely talented, smart, driven goofball. Staci always fights the good fight when it's necessary, but never takes herself too seriously when it counts. Her drive to always work hard and improve shines through in everything she does, but that doesn't stop her from cracking the dumbest, and best, jokes at home to keep things light. Staci is the perfect balance of business and party!” -Colin

Our first kiss happened on our first date. We went to OHSO Brewery and had a great time. Colin walked me to my car, we talked for a few more minutes and then he went in for a kiss but missed my face. I laughed and asked “what was that?’ I felt bad after I said it because I didn’t want to embarrass this guy that I really liked, but then out of nowhere he said “can I try again?” It was a successful kiss that time!” - Staci

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Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch, Jesica and Patrick

They have the exact same laugh and its actually pretty adorable! Patrick and Jesica were so sweet together on their romantic spring wedding at The Scottsdale Resort. From the very beginning of the day you could just see the excitement and anticipation building as these two got ready with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Kayla and I got to witness such a beautiful day of two great people committing the rest of their lives to each other. 

We are in love with everything about this beautiful day that Jes and Patrick put together! From the soft blush bridesmaids dresses with complimenting bouquets,  to Jes's cathedral veil that added the perfect touch to her dress, to that evening with a beautifully draped ballroom and classy tablescapes! It was all absolutely lovely! Their April wedding day was a dream and we are so excited to feature them on our blog today! 
Such a great team of vendors came together to make this day such a beauty! Many thanks to the following for your artistry and your vision! 
Dress: Luv Bridal
Rings: Shane Co.
Grooms Outfitting: Men's Wearhouse
Paper Goods: Etsy
Hair: Salon Boutique
Photographers: Jenn Wagner Studio
Awww! How sweet are they?!

"Nothing, we started with the big things first 1 and 1/2 years in advance to make sure we got what we wanted and that wedding day wouldn't be stressful. My advice would be to use a multiple checklists to make sure you don't forget anything and start planning early." - Jesica
I loved all of her details! So gorgeous!

"There is so many but I enjoyed laughing with her our family and friends when we were exchanging our vows." - Patrick

Cutest bridal party! They were so much fun and a great group of dancers! They got the party started!

"She looked amazing in her dress and she had a glow about her and You could tell she knew that she looked good. Also, her smile was bigger than ever." -Patrick

"We picked picked that venue because it was close to the church. We liked the ballroom characteristics with the lighting and Chandeliers plus the beautiful grounds. We wanted a hotel resort for our out of town guests. I had always wanted a spring wedding and loved the pink dresses that I kept seeing on Pinterest." - Jesica

"The wedding ceremony but mainly putting the grooms wedding ring on the wrong hand then dropped the ring when took it off. My favorite time of day was my first dance as husband and wife." - Jesica

"I would go back to the grand entrance through first dances and speeches." - Patrick