Diamond X Ranch, Greer Arizona Wedding, Kayla and Justin

To say that when we arrived at Diamond X Ranch and were taken aback by the beauty of this place would be an understatement. As we drove down the dirt rode  the trees were high, yellow- perfectly fall, and we crossed over streams with wild horses grazing nearby. Shannon and I both thought out loud 'this is wedding photographer heaven!" Basically every angle you look is another perfect spot to take photos. Perfect grassy hills, lakesides back dropped by steep mountains and grassy fields with soft billowy hay, we were giddy with all the possibilities of the day! We couldn't wait to get started! 

Fast forward to greeting the sweetest couple you could ever shake hands with. Kayla and Justin not only picked out the perfect spot for their wedding, but also are the type of people that make every person feel special and wanted. Getting to meet their parents that day, I can see so clearly where these two get it from. Their wedding ceremony was absolutely perfect with just the right amount of tears, smiles and a custom tying (of an actual knot) that fit this couple to a T. The day continued on in perfect flow as the couple walked hand in hand through the fields. Smiling like two people drunk in love, and I'm not joking when I say by the end of the night Shannon and I didn't want to leave! Not only because these two threw such a great party for everyone, but because their family truly was so  inviting. We wish we could have been guests!

This Northern Arizona wedding is one we will never forget. The people, the connections of Kayla and Justin to their family, and the hospitable spirit of everyone involved. It make for a truly perfect day. 
Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey, thank you so much for allowing us to be there at your once in a lifetime day. I can't put into words how truly amazing it was, so I guess I'll have to let the photos speak for themselves. We love you guys! - Shannon and Jenn 

"My mom had a patient tell her about the X Diamond Ranch. We knew we wanted something unique, outside, and in the mountains. We set up a time to go check the ranch out. Pretty much as soon as we pulled up we knew it was the place. They are still a full working ranch and have animals all around. The ceremony location was in a big field next to a creek in the middle of a valley, and a gorgeous arch was already built. We were sold. I don't think I had to fight about it with Justin either because he was going to get to fish while he was there. We hoped for some fall colors but never imagined we would be so lucky to have the colors we got! "- Kayla
"Our Venue location is set down in a valley at a working Ranch that has been around for over 125 years. This ranch is located just 15 minutes outside of Greer where I proposed to Kayla. The reason we loved this place so much was the seclusion and outdoor experience it displays. Since we both love the Northern Arizona so much we knew we needed to find a venue in the Mountains. This ranch gave us that Northern Arizona feel, from the running stream next to the ceremony site, to the large grass fields where horses graze during your wedding. There were also some unexpected bonuses, not many wedding venues can you get a chance to see wild Big Horn Sheep, Deer, Elk, Turkey and many other animals like we got to with ours. And to top it all off I got to go fishing on my wedding day and catch 3 trout!" - Justin
"Getting ready outside was so much fun!!! With being literally in the middle of nowhere, it made it possible to get ready out there. I loved being outside too, because it again showed off our venue and it a beautiful day! I knew too I didn't have to worry about any of the boys being around because they were down at the other cabin. " - Kayla

The amazing vendor team involved in putting together such a beautiful day! 
Shoes: Corral Boots
Hair and Makeup: Cindy Stirling
Linens: Party Rental Shophttp://partyrentshop.com/
String Musicians: 
Pie Desserts: Kayla's Momma : ) 

First Look

"The thing I loved most about Kayla was her glow! I get to see how beautiful she is everyday but when I turned around and saw the glow of such a beautiful bride she radiated that is something I will never forget. " - Justin


 That one time you have the most epic walk down the aisle ever....
"I honestly don't know if I can choose a favorite part of the day! It was perfect. But if I had to choose it would be officially getting to marry my best friend. I have always been the girl who dreamed of her happily ever after ever since I was little. The day was perfect and the weather was gorgeous. I had the most handsome groom. My brother did the perfect ceremony. And we got to spend the night with loved ones celebrating our love. "- Kayla
"I really liked the part where we tied a fisherman’s knot. We both love the outdoors and is something that is a very large part of our relationship so this kind of tied everything together and made this wedding truly ours." - Justin

The bride and the groom

"If I could go back, I would relive our time doing the sunset photos after ceremony. I really enjoyed that somewhat alone time Kayla and I had after our ceremony in such a beautiful setting just getting to focus on each other. That will be something I remember for the rest of my life."- Justin
 There are literally so many good ones of these two sweet people, but I'm making myself stop here! 


"The part of the day that makes me laugh the most is my nephew Brody. He came out of his shell and won the heart of every lady there. He was a dancing machine and was the center of attention, which if you had asked any of us beforehand we would have never guessed that! He had the moves and was the best ring bearer even with my brother calling him a punk. He just smiled and still did his job. " - Kayla
You guys. We will always look back at smile about your beautiful ranch wedding. We know you will too. All our best. 
"What did we not LOVE about our experience with Jenn Wagner Studio?! With being a wedding photographer myself, we knew that was going to be our hardest and most important decision we were going to have to make for our wedding. As soon as we left from meeting Jenn(almost 2 hours later), we left knowing she was going to be our photographer! Jenn and Shannon not only were professional all through the day, but they were so sweet and kind. As soon as they walked in, it just felt like they were there to celebrate with us. With already meeting them, I knew there was going to be no issues. And our families loved them too! They made us feel comfortable while taking pictures and making sure we were doing everything right. :) We love her work and being able to say she was our photographer for the most important and best day in our life! "- Kayla and Justin

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