Scorpion Gulch and SouthMountain Engagement Session | Phoenix Arizona | Reg & Courtney

It was the perfect evening for a drive along South Mountain with these two. The wind cutting through their hair and the city of Phoenix to the North as we winded up the narrow roads. Looking back in my rearview mirror and seeing Courtney and Reg cruising in their Sky Lark; it looked like a scene straight out of the movie. And in this story, the guy ends up winning the heart of the pretty girl!

Reg and Courtney, you guys are such an amazing couple, and little Tucker is just the sweetest! I am so happy for you guys as you start this journey towards marriage together! I cannot wait for your big wedding day!
All my best, 

Their story... 

"When we were in college we lived in the same apartment building about a mile or so from campus. After a year of being smitten from afar, Reg saw his chance. We were night owls during this stage in our lives, and we spent our weekends at our sorority and fraternity parties. As I would say my goodbyes to my friends, Reg would rush over eagerly to offer to walk me home. We would end up staying awake late into the night just talking. This became our weekend routine. Then one night we stopped at our usual spot, on a bench under the stars, and he leaned in and kissed me!" - Courtney

"I didn’t want to pick just one thing that I loved about Courtney, so here are a couple. I love to make her laugh but more than her laugh I love how she sighs deeply when she is done laughing – she is the only person I have ever met who does that and it is hard to explain but I think it is really cute. Almost as cute is the way she snuggles Tucker. I have always loved walking into a room and seeing. them napping together or just loving on each other. More than anything else, I love her smile, it’s the best smile I have ever seen. She is a beautiful woman and her smile and joy is contagious to everyone around her." - Reg

"The thing I am most looking forward to about being married is funny, but I am most excited about us having the same last name. We already share so much of our lives with each other but it sucks not being able to say we are the Lane’s and not being able to call her my wife and show her off." Reg

"It's hard to pinpoint the exact moment I knew I was in love with Reg. There were so many little moments I felt completely overwhelmed with emotions around him, but there is one day I remember vividly. It was an unseasonably warm day when we were in college in Virginia. We spent the day outside enjoying the weather and playing H-O-R-S-E with a few of his fraternity brothers (I won, just for the record haha). Even though Reg was completely exhausted, I somehow  talked him into going to pick up some snacks and having a picnic with me at a near by park.  When we we got the park, we sat on the swing set where we talked and laughed for hours. As we were walking back, he was such a gentleman. He walked on the outside of the sidewalk, he held my hand, and he made me feel more special than I've ever felt before. I just remember thinking to myself 'Holy cow, this is it! I love this guy!'." Courtney

"The first time I said I love you to Courtney was our Junior year of college on my fraternity's formal retreat in Myrtle Beach. Courtney was my date and I was the vice president so I got the honor of announcing her as our new Dream Girl (the girl voted upon by the fraternity to represent them) at our formal dinner. I got on the mic and announced to everyone she had won and we started to dance together. I knew I loved her but had never said it so I leaned in and kissed her and told her quietly in her ear that I loved her." - Reg

"Besides the obvious, marrying my best friend, the thing I am I'm looking forward to the most at our wedding is the dancing! I'm not a good dancer, admittedly. I'm the kind of dancer most people laugh at, but I love it. I can't wait for my and Reg's first dance, dancing with Tucker, dancing with my father and breaking it down with all of my friends and family!"- Courtney

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