Peter and Grace White | Scottsdale Wedding

Everyone gets a little anxious on their wedding day. You spend months planning and invest a lot into making your one wedding day perfect. I could see Grace was a little nervous at the beginning of the day, just like most brides are. However, once those doors opened to the church and she joined Peter at the front of the chapel, everything changed.
You could physically see her relax once she had Peter next to her.
Her smile couldn't be contained.
She was with him, so now it was all okay.
She was home.

Peter is has one of those personalities that you just want to be around. The youngest in a large family, he is laid back and hilarious. The kind of person it would be difficult to stay tense around.

Watching Grace and Peter interact throughout their wedding day, you can just see how much fun their life is going to be together. It was an absolute blast capturing this amazing wedding; from the random pit stop at CVS during the middle of their wedding day, to the best mother son dance I have EVER seen, to our extended bride and groom portrait time where we got some of my all time favorite photos (LOVE when couples build in extra time for their wedding photos)
It was such a fun wedding day!
Here is to the next 70 years of life next to each other. 
Here is to being home. 
Much love, 

And now, their wedding day, in photos... 

 "The morning of the wedding was a little stressful—not only was I preparing for the biggest day of my life, but I was packing all of my things after 6 weeks in Phoenix, so there was a lot to do. I was calm until the last 10 minutes before we were leaving and then the stress hit. I had everyone, even our wonderful photographer, packing my things. Looking back, it was pretty funny (thanks for your help, Jenn!)"- Grace

"As the groom you have no idea what the dress looks like, so when the back doors first opened, it was
pretty fantastic. You also realize how the bride makes the dress, not vice versa." - Peter

"I was surprised at the times I did and didn’t cry throughout the day. Tears were definitely shed, but the
moment that sticks out to me the most was during our vows—when he looked at me and said “I, Peter, take you, Grace, to be my wife.” His wife! I just loved hearing it. It was an emotional moment."- Grace

"The ceremony was just so beautiful, and it was a great opportunity for Pete and me to have some quiet moments together before all the craziness of the reception. When we were kneeling with our backs to the congregation, it was almost as if we were the only two people there, and we were really able to take it all in as a newly married couple." - Grace

"The reception and party were a lot of fun but my favorite part of the day was the ceremony. It had been something that we had really prepared for and after nine months of preparing ourselves for this day to  begin our marriage - actually experiencing it was amazing." - Peter

"The party bus air conditioner wasn't really up to par so it was extremely hot, which wasn't ideal, but
definitely made some great memories - we ended up stopping at a CVS store just to cool off. That store
had definitely never had a wedding party crash their place, buy a bunch of liquor, and have the groomand best men taking pictures of themselves cooling off in their ice fridges." -Peter

All my best to you guys as you begin this new journey as newlyweds!

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