Imoni Wedding Symposium

While a lot of my work time is spent behind my computer, via client emails, editing and managing my ShootQ that tracks all my leads and correspondence, there are also times I get out and get be around other industry creatives and I am quickly reminded why I love the wedding industry SO MUCH!

Yesterday I attended the Az Wedding Symposium at the Biltmore hosted by Imoni Events, whom I LOVE working with at weddings (see latest gorgeous Montelucia wedding I shot with them here!). They are THE BEST! It was an all day symposium for everyone in the wedding industry focused on learning better business practices and building relationships. So everyone that I get the pleasure of working alongside come day of weddings, like DJ's, florists, planners and cake makers; they were all there. It was like one big wedding industry hug!
Jenn Thye and her team at Imoni did what they do best, and put on a spectacular event that was like a shot of business owner adrenaline to take our businesses to the next level. The food at the Biltmore was amazing, the speakers left us wanting more and the wedding community grew. Being able to form new relationships and rekindle friendships with other Photographers like Jordan and Amy Demos (of Amy and Jordan) and Taryn Pollock (of Serendipity Cinematography) was so rewarding. I know for me personally I have been thinking about expanding my associate program so that I am able to serve more brides each year. I have one associate right now but as I look to expand it is intimidating, so hearing from speakers that have done that exact thing and succeeded, was so beneficial for me!

Jenni Thye
Top: Taryn Pollock  Lower left: Melissa Jill

Being with other like-minded business owners gives me not only a fresh perspective on where weddings are headed, but also how to better serve my clients. Great job to all of the speakers and panelists for the day! Feeling refreshed and inspired to take Jenn Wagner Photography to the next level!! 
(Being a photographer I *of course* used my camera on everyone else, and my iphone for photos I'm in. Go figure.)
The social media panel made of up (from left to right) 
Heidi (of IDIEH Design) Samantha (of Imoni Events), Melissa Jill ( of MJ photography) and 
Amy and Jordan ( of Amy and Jordan Photography)

 Love this sweet entrepreneur and her passion to serve others. She is setting the bar even higher for this industry! 

It was an all around great day for the wedding world. This event is growing each year and plans are already being made for next year's symposium to be held at El Chorro, you have to join! Thanks for a great day Imoni!

Jason and Jessica | Engagement Session at Tempe Center for the Arts

It started pouring rain the moment Jason and Jessica pulled into the parking lot. I ran to my car trying to cover my gear from the monsoon and I told them I'd like to see wait it out for a few minutes to see if it would pass because if it did,we would get some fabulous post storm colors. They obliged and sure enough the storm passed and we were left with crisp colors, and the place all to ourselves! We had such a great time during their engagement session and it just makes me so excited for their fall wedding! 

I always ask my bride a groom a little bit about them, their story and this answer from Jason about the first moment he knew he was in love with her cracks me up! I love his answer... 
"I knew I was in love with her when I noticed she does a sort of wiggle dance when she is happy. It's tough to describe better than that, but the first time I noticed it was when we were making dinner at her house. She was checking on something in the oven and started to dance a little bit. No one had ever noticed it before, including herself, and it makes me smile every time she does it." - Jason

Thanks Jason and Jessica! See you so soon!

"I am most looking forward to living together and having a place that we both call home. Jessica is not only going to be my wife, but she is my best friend too."- Jason

I don't know why, but I LOVE this photo below of Jessica and Jason. They look so natural together and I think Jessica looks like Princess Kate! 
"I don’t think there was any single, defining moment where I realized Jason was who I was going to marry.  We are both fairly reserved people by nature, so we didn’t rush into anything, and I think it kind of just snuck up on me little by little.  From day one I knew it was something serious, and I think it was somewhere around the two year mark I had the realization that I couldn’t imagine life with anyone else, and that I had felt that way for a while.  Since the night we met we have felt comfortable with one another, and that has grown into a mutual respect and love that keeps getting stronger.  Our core values align so well that being with Jason is easy, plus we always have a blast together.  Our relationship is built on respect, trust and laughter, so we can talk to each other about anything from the serious to the silly.  Plus, Jason puts up with my crazy questions and is interested, or at least pretends to be interested, in the answers when I look them up in the middle of whatever we are doing.  Our relationship just ‘fits’ perfectly, it is so comfortable, but never boring, and I am so excited to see how our love can continue to grow."- Jessica

"I really don’t think I can choose just one quality that Jason brings to the relationship that I couldn’t live without. If I have to choose though, I would have to say his sense of humor.  Besides the fact that he is constantly making me laugh, it shows his true personality.  Jason loves to make other people laugh; he finds joy in making others happy.  Really, I’m cheating in my answer, because it just shows what a genuine, kind person he is.  Some of his jokes may be cheesy, but they almost always (like 99% of the time) get a laugh, can lighten any situation and help put people at ease.  Seriously, I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love the guy, he is so caring, hard working and like I said before, has such a great sense of humor."- Jessica

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Andre + Annah | Engagement at Desert Botannical Gardens

They laughed, they hugged, and then he took her to get margaritas. 
It was the perfect engagement session with Annah and Andre. This couple truly knows each other and they have so much fun together. I loved hearing how they told their story about meeting, falling in love, and special moments together. I cannot wait for their beautiful wedding day!


"There are so many moments where I think back and say, man that is when I knew I loved her. I would have to say It was before our one year anniversary (dating) and I had been talking to my mom about her and my mom already loved her. I told her I wanted to do something fun for our 1 year. My mom bought us tickets for the day to fly out to San Diego to go sailing for a few hours. I didn't want to tell Annah what was planned so I just had told her to pack a day bag with some cute stuff. Then blindfolded her. We got to the airport, by then I had to tell her. So as we were waiting for the plane, we were talking, laughing and being silly by sticking out our tongues at each other. In those few minutes I realized that I have a women who is going to go on a trip with me, who is sharing my interests, and is as much of a dork as I am..... I am in love. Because true love is finding someone who you can truly be yourself around." - Andre

"We first met in biology lab during Freshman year of undergrad at ASU. We were in different lab groups, but during one project we were both gathering supplies when he casually walked by behind me and said "I like your hair", then continued to walk away. We never really spoke much after that, though I remember checking him out every once and a while. We found out later that we were both seeing other people at the time, so we weren't really attempting to pursue one-another. The next semester I had my own apartment (I had originally been in the dorms freshman year). I was shopping at Safeway for ingredients for dinner at my housewarming party when I ran into him. He was a barista at the Starbucks. I said hello and asked how he was and talked for a moment, then continued towards the checkout. I was too shy to ask him to come to the party, but then my friend who was with me convinced me to double back and pretend I had to get ice cream so that I could walk by him again and ask him to come over. I  gave him my number and then awkwardly asked if he even remembered what my name was. He didn't remember so we re-introduced ourselves. He ended up coming to the housewarming party (alone - didn't even bring a friend for support!). He made the excuse that since I had cooked dinner I should come over to his place and he'd cook dinner for me. Later that week I went over to his place and met his friends and roommates. He pretended that he had made chicken fettuccine alfredo, when actually it was his friend that made it!! He was just trying to try to impress me."- Annah
"My favorite trip was when we first went to Santa Barbara together. We've visited there a few times, and now have a favorite hotel that we stay at, the Casa Del Mar. It's a tiny bed and breakfast, but they have free wine and cheese each evening and allow dogs (we've taken Andre's dog, Ginger, with us before). While there we explored the beach together and walked to some local restaurants. We even took a nap on the beach together after our wine and cheese hour one day. They had a small hot tub that we had to ourselves to relax in as well. It wasn't a grand adventure, but a nice intimate escape trip for the both of us. "- Annah

I would have to say the proudest moment would be when Annah graduated. It was of this year(2014). It was a very emotional day,everything that she had been working for finally coming to a finish.The past 4 years of being states apart, the long day and nights for her, I know I couldn't of done what she did.(Side story, my mom always had told me I need to be there for her no matter what. Times where I would want to visit her for the weekend but I thought it would be to short of a trip, my mom would tell me, "Annah is the most important thing in your life and in your future." When I went to go to Annah's graduation that weekend my mother was on her death bed, but I knew that if she was able to talk she would of yelled at me that I was not with in Iowa for her graduation. She did pass away later the same day"

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