The Crazy Christmas Blog! Brace yourself!

Well friends I got a little behind in my blogging! With the overhaul of the website, weekend weddings and lets be real, holiday shopping and parties,  its been a whirlwind of a season!

I am looking forward to some much need and positive changes as I plan and set goals for 2012 for my business and can't wait to share them with you guys!

I  was blessed with so many great family sessions this holiday season and couldn't just overlook all the great new people I got to meet.  So Brace yourself, this is a blog of all blogs! Hold on tight, here we go!

*The Backes/Rhineheimer Family*

 They came ready for a great session! They were so much fun and were open to any ideas, poses and locations, which i always LOVE.This beautiful family has some great chemistry and after an hour of photo taking, I could see that they get a long and laugh a lot.

Now usually teenage boys are a little camera shy, not these three! They were so sweet, especialy when it came to posing with mom! Love it!

* The Gill Family *
Little Haylee Mae hit 3 months and it was the perfect time to grab some family photos too. 
Talk about a little darling! She sat straight up and was full of smiles. I just love this little girl. 

Chris and Heather brought plenty of accessories, cute blankets and a stroller full of toys to make sure the girls were smiley and happy the whole time! 

*Harry Family Winter Spectacular Shoot*

I was SO SO excited when Emily emailed saying she wanted to head up north for some family photos with LAYERS! What layers? After a summer full of shorts and t-shirts in the AZ heat, layers sound like a foreign word!

So up to Prescott we drove! The kids were in sweater, scarves, boots and cute little hats! We spent the afternoon together walking around snow covered ground, pausing for some much needed cocoa and then ending with a snow ball fight in the park! It was seriously such a fun session and I highly recommend copying Emily's great idea if you want some original and layer  filled photos!! 

*Sellinger Family*

If it wasn't for sunset, I'm pretty sure I would have ran around the park a few more hours with these peoples. I love sessions like this, where families just play and *BE*. They give me the biggest gift by just being themselves and letting me capture them for who they are naturally. 

So. much. fun. 

*Willis Family*

I tried to warn Margo before we even had to shoot, "  You said you just want you kids in it, but I'll probably get a few of you in there too". 

I don't think she believed me. Eric and Jessica were awesome. Might be top contenders for most obedient and best listeners. 

But we got about half way through the shoot, and sure enough, I pulled both mom and dad in. I think they were okay with it once they got the photos back : ) 

*Joseph Embleton* 

Now, i don't know if i believe in  that thing called "baby fever"... but i will say, after meeting little joseph and seeing his little hands and watching his baby yawns, it did send my mind a whirling to what life would be like with a little one. 

I mean look at this little one! Jake and Keely are fantastic new parents and i just see the love pouring out of them and onto this beautiful baby boy! 

*Mugo Family!* 

I literally don't have to say the word " smile" once during a session with this family. Its like they are always lit up and happy people! If anything I have to coral them back from fits of laughter on the ground. 

Ummm, can you say photographers dream come true??  These are two kids that love on their parents without trying. Eiven and Nigel were are such great spirits and I left in a light and laughy mood (yes laughy is a new word).  

*Jessica and Megan with the Grandparents*

This was a special shoot. I have had a chance to do a session with the Wastchak family over the summer, but with Joanne's parents coming in for the holidays from Canada, we had to get some moments of them all together
I have a few memories from when I was a little girl, and for some reason, a lot of them include both my grandma and my grandpa. Birthday cake around their table, sitting by my grandfathers rocker and listening to him tell stories, and playing in their enormous backyard (or so it seemed at the time).

I know Megan and Jess will have these same kinds of memories resounding deep in their minds, the love of grandma and grandpa helping to shape them into who they are. 

So thankful to be a part of helping them remember these days. 

*Jessica Wastchak*

She recently starred as Sleeping Beauty at a nearby theatre called ACT. She is also getting into singing and needed some portraits done for her portfolio. 

This was one of my favorite sessions. As much as I love the interaction between kids an parents,  little candid moments and arranging seating order; this was a much more relaxing sess. 
Just one kid, that is GREAT in front of the camera. (she's had a lot of practice with her mom)

Cute smiles, quick outfit changes and she even pulled off a great 'serious' look. 
Love this little girl and i know she'll do well as she pursues singing. 

To all who have let me capture you family this season; THANK YOU! 
You guys are amazing and i am so thankful to have been a part of your lives. 

Shannon + Cory | Wedding!

Cory and Shannon had a beautiful wedding this holiday season! Arizona is the perfect place to have a "winter" wedding becuase the weather is great! They celebrated their becoming of one at the stunning Montelucia Resort and Spa and it couldn't have been a more perfect day! 

One of my favorite moments from their wedding day had to be the speeches during dinner time. It was so endearing to see all of Shannon and Cory's friends and family toast to the new couple. You can tell these two were made for each other and the support they are receiving as they enter this new journey in life together was overwhelming. There was a moment during her Dad's speech, that I looked over and Shannon was just glowing. I love capturing moments like this! 

So thankful to have been a part of capturing this day!
Happy marriage Cory and Shannon! 

Isn't she stunning in her dress?!
About to walk down the aisle! 
Love how happy he is while saying his vows!
First dance as man and wife!
Shannon just glowing during speeches. Such a special time during their day!

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