Private Plane Engagement Session | Kat and Mike

They had me at private plane. 

Because when two pilots fall in love, it is kind of inevitable. Right??

I could tell when we first started to plan out this engagement session with Kat a few months ago, that this was going to be a totally one-of-a -kind experience. Private runway, super cute plane and of course an intercontinental love story had me all sorts of excited to get these two in front of a camera! 

Kat and Mike are both pilots and met at work! Kat is originally from Holland so they had to do the long distance relationship, which is truly a great test for the strength for any couple that is dating! My hubby and I had to do long distance while I finished grad school for 8 grueling months, but man it really does make you realize quickly if this person is meant for you or not! Lots of talking! : ) So hats of to these two for making it work! Thats a true testament to your relationship and what you are willing to do for each other!  When Kat flew in for a stay, she quickly realized the wait and all the effort was worth it! I love her story and looooved their totally unique session that was so perfect for them! Thank you guys for a great session! So excited for you guys to marry! 

“I flew to the States to celebrate my birthday weekend and was suppose to stay here for about a week. Him and I had a long distance relationship for over two and half years by than which was hard to maintain due to distance (surprise surprise) and time change. The night of my arrival we planned a small stay-cation with a fancy dinner. After we finished our dinner he said he loved me very much, but couldn't do this long distance thing anymore... I honestly thought he was going to break up with me then and there.. Wrong, he pulled the ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him! Best way to describe my reaction would be flabbergasted!.” -Kat

“Both of us are pilots, we love to fly and we met because of it. Our engagement shoot was at an airport where we could use someone airplane, a super cute taildragger!.” - Kat

“We couldn't officially date because of work issues, but after the first we went out (haha Jamba Juice is the best!) he dropped me of at our apartment complex and kissed me.” -Kat

“SoI remember seeing him walk around in our building, always thought he was cute but hey, I'm not from here so I didn't think anything of it. That was until the NYE that we talked to each other and I found out that he is also very charming and funny, that was when I started to develop a crush for him.” - Kat

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Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix, Jenna and Bryan

From the moment we stepped onto the Arizona Biltmore property  for Jenna and Bryan's wedding, it was like we were watching a wedding dream unfold in front of our eyes (and camera)! And I don't say that lightly!
Now let me just step back, and take a moment here to explain the wedding day chain reaction. 
You see, from a vendors perspective, there are many factors that play into how a wedding day goes down. Some you can control and others you can't. From the weather, to the family relationships, to the decor and how on- time (or late) each vendor is; they all impact each other!

For example even if the bride and groom has the coolest wedding party, if two people show up late, it can throw off the makeup schedule, which can make bridal portraits rushed and family photos late - which makes grandma grumpy she's standing outside. This is just one tiny example of how the wedding day chain reaction can impact the entire day. From our perspective, the wedding day truly is a summation of all the little interactions that add up to the entire experience of the day. With so many contributing factors, they all play into each other and easily can persuade the mood,  look and overall experience of everyone for the day. 

I say all of this just to bring it home in how amazing each factor of Bryan and Jenna's wedding was. From our perspective, (and having photographed over 120 weddings) everything cam together seamlessly for a stress-free, fun and stunning wedding day! The wedding party was crazy cool (and all showed up early!), the decor, the florals and overall ambiance was stunning. The way her dress followed her with this beautiful swish, and the way his custom suit fit him just so; together they were a power couple!

Then of course the best part; Jenna and Bryan are a bride and groom have this amazing natural chemistry together. They needed very little directing at all and just held each other with these smiles that truly made each and every photo full of joy and genuine emotion. It truly was a dream wedding, from execution, rooftop sunset photos! The reception was full of memorable speeches, sweet toasts and crazy fun dancing. 

We were so thankful to be a part of capturing this amazing wedding day designed and executed perfectly by Sarrah at Imoni Events and we are so excited to showcase this day!
Jenn and Bryan we are so happy for you guys and wish you all the best in marriage and in this journey of life together. - All our best, 
Jenn and the Studio Girls
Thanks so much to these INCREDIBLE vendors for putting together such a flawless day! The design and execution came together perfectly and it was so great working with you all!  
Coordinator: Sarrah from Imoni Events
Venue:  Arizona Biltmore Resort
Shoes: Kate Spade
Rings: John Yourk
Grooms Outfitting: Canali
Paper Goods: Minted
Linens: Event Rents
Hair: Pin and Primp
Photographers: Jenn Wagner Studio

"I wish I could re-live all the hours of the day! Everything from spending time with my bridesmaids, walking dow the aisle, and of course our first look and first dance! But, honestly if I had to choose one it would have been the breakfast I had that morning with my brother and sister. It was such a big day and to start it off with them just made it perfect. They are the ones that keep me grounded and I just loved that precious time we were able to spend together before such a big moment."- Jenna 

"Her smile was beaming. She looked so happy." -Bryan
"My advice to anyone getting married? - Have fun, relax, enjoy the moment." -Bryan
"My advice would be to GET A WEDDING PLANNER!! They are absolutely wonderful and make everything so easy! You also have to remember that it's just another day. Things will go wrong, but it's more about having joy in the moment. If you have true joy and are focused on the love and happiness that such a special day brings, then things like forgetting to wear your garter (haha sorry Sarrah.. she had to do some serious improvising with a hair tie when it came to tossing the garter) won't even matter. In fact, they will only make the day and memories more memorable and special!" -Jenna 

"My dad talking. I think the whole ceremony was a bit of a blur but having my dad marrying us was very special. Jenna was also very emotional during the ceremony which was touching." -Bryan 

"When choosing all the details, I really just felt that I wanted it to be sweet and romantic, but also not overly Bridal. Nothing over the top. Just simple. I also love lighting! So that was important to me. Lots of candles and bistro lighting." -Jenna 

"Biltmore was an easy choice for us. Classic and romantic is what we wanted and that is exactly what the Biltmore is. I love the grey brick and greenery. I've always loved the Biltmore! We didn't even look at any other venues!" -Jenna 

"The reception with all of the friends and family. It was amazing to be around so many people we love and care about." -Bryan

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