Taylor and Jordan, Queen Creek Arizona Engagement Session

We drove around their upcoming wedding venue out at Schnepf farms, and everywhere we looked was the perfect photo op! From Cherry blossoms to peach trees, to forests that looked like they belonged up north, there was so much beauty everywhere! Then steps out Taylor and Jordyn looking like they just stepped out of a magazine! Everything from the makeup to the hair and outifts! It was all just right! 

Jordyn and Taylor were our 2017 Launch Giveaway Winners! Not only did they win  a session with me, but that lovely makeup on Jordan is by the very talented Jena over at Makeup Artistry! She is a pro at making brides skin glow on their big day with facial treatments leading up to the wedding that are unique to each skin type! I get my facials with her too and have seen a big improvement on brightness! Along with makeup and photos this lukcy bride also is going in to the brand new Uptown Bridal for a consultation with the pros! We are hoping she finds her perfect dress while she eats treats and tries on dresses in front of friends and family! Sounds like the perfect Saturday to me!

Taylor and Jordan clearly have an amazing connection and we jumped right in to our session that I now have SO many new favorite photos! These two are from my same town in Phoenix so the bond got tight real quick as we walked the property snapping photos and laughing! They are so comfortable with each other and it was such a fun shoot! Jordyn and Taylor, my Tukee comrades! I am so incredibly excited for you two as head towards marriage together! I know you have a ver fun journey ahead of you and I wish you all the luck and I love I can send! 
Much love, 

“The proposal was magical. Last Christmas, we decided to spend the Holiday in Ireland, as this is a place both of us were dying to visit. There were tons of amazing places we wanted to visit and Trinity College was on the top of the list. We were admiring the views at the top of the Guinness Storehouse Factory when the clouds parted and the sun decided to shin through! We knew this was our moment to go take in  the beauty of Trinity College before the rain hit again. We rushed over to Trinity, following the sun rays and as we arrived, we stood at the front of these huge wooden doors. Before we went inside I looked and Taylor and I told him “I am going to take a ridiculous amount of photographs so…. Be patient with me because we may be here a while”. Together we walked off the bustling street, through the doors and into the peaceful, historical, serene courtyard. Being that it was December 23rd, there was hardly anyone around (to our surprise). I was taking a video of the beauty that surrounded me. He caught  my attention and said “you should record US walking in front of the camera so we can be in the video too”. Totally did not think this was suspicious at the time (not looking back, how did I not see what was up!)  I though…wow… that is such a GREAT idea, Taylor is being so receptive. We set the camera down facing the arch in the center of the courtyard and walked towards it. Once we reached the  center of the arch, Taylor spun me around, pulled me in for a kiss and immediately I knew what was about to go down just  by the giddy, nervous expression on his face. We stood in silence (I stood, he kneeled) as we were both caught in the emotion at a loss for words.  After 6  years of being together, all the emotions erupted at that moment.  Tay finally spoke and through my tears I could see a ring. I said YES! It is all on video for us to re-live and show our children! Tay picked out the ring on all his own and planned the proposal …. He did good!” - Jordyn
“One of my favorite things about Jordyn is her fun loving and caring spirit, it is infectious. No matter what is going on around her she always seems to find the good in situations and in people. Her amazing grey/blue eyes get me every time as well.” - Taylor

“Jordyn and I were on a snowboard trip in Flagstaff and having an amazing day, I remember thinking I could spend the rest of my life having fun with this person so I said those three words….I would have to wait another few months for them to be returned to me while we were watching movies and eating Chinese takeout but it was worth the wait.
“ If I had to choose three words that describe Jordyn and I’s relationship it would be; Complementary, Beautiful, Eternal.” - Taylor
“Our wedding will be at the beautiful Schnepf Farm’s on March 2nd in front of the picturesque peach orchard. After the ceremony, we will transfer over to the awing barn. The vast ceilings, grand space and industrialized d├ęcor had us the second we stepped foot inside. We are planning everything together and are in the beginning phase of combining ideas, as we still have a year! We want to enjoy our time being engaged and don’t want to feel  rushed so we made sure to pick a date that gave us ample time to plan and actually enjoy the planning.” - Jordyn

“I first knew I was in love with Taylor a while before I actually told him! I knew I loved him but I was afraid to say it. The night I finally let it out was when we were dog/house sitting for a family friend. We were lying on the bed just after eating dinner.  I was looking around the room and I could so easily picture us here, living together. Making this scenario our own. That to me was a HUGE indication that I was ready to be with him forever. I looked up at him and I said “Taylor, I love you”.  I will NEVER forget the expression on his face. It was shock, excitement and affection all rolled into one, followed by a most passionate kiss. (he had already told me he loved me a few months earlier and I didn’t say it back, so I took him off guard a bit when I told him)!” – Jordyn

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Bryan and Jenna, Desert engagement in Phoenix Arizona

They are the type of couple you would want as couple friends. Easy to talk to, responsible, dedicated and high on the loving scale. Bryan and Jenna are playful with each other and just the right of affectionate, where its not overkill, but at the same time you can tell they totally adore each other.

Our hike out to in AZ desert for the engagement session where we took their photos was so much fun! I have so many new favorites from this session, because hello, look at them. Its like two J. Crew Models walked off set and into my frame! I'll take it! And if our time together is any indication of how their wedding day will go, then I'm sure I have another favorite wedding just around the corner with them. Cannot wait for your Biltmore wedding day with Imoni Bryan and Jenna!

“Bryan proposed on Christmas Eve. He made sure my family and his family were all together and did it in front of everyone after we had all opened a gift. I cried... obviously. I was certainly hoping that it was coming but was still very surprised. We've been together for 11 years so there were many times that I thought he would do it but then he ended up not. We never really ring shopped so when I saw what he had picked I was in shock! I couldn't have picked a more beautiful ring. “ - Jenna
"She said I love you first. I remember the first time I said it, we were in my first house sitting on the floor next to each other after a night out on the town. As I think back on our relationship and all of the time we spent together I wish I would have said it sooner and think now that I could never say it enough." - Bryan

 “I knew for sure, without a doubt, that I was in love with Bryan when we first got our puppy Macy. He had told me multiple times that it was a terrible idea to get a dog and didn't want to do it. I persisted, however, and next thing I knew we were driving to go "look" at a puppy. Once I saw her I knew I had to have her! So we took her home that day. Because we weren't actually anticipating on bringing her home, we had no supplies to take care of a puppy. Once we got home he immediately took her to go get her all her puppy supplies. She slept on his lap in the car ride there and he fell completely in love with her. That's when I knew.” - Jenna

“Bryan is my calm, my sanity, and my home. He is always so steady. His emotions and attitude are always consistent. I love that about him.” - Jenna

"I’m looking forward to having the most amazing partner in life. She’s motivated in her career, I know she’ll be a great mother to our children. We have the same aspirations and goals in life and I can’t wait to continue to achieve those together." - Bryan

"One of the things I love about her is she’s amazing at making travel plans. She comes up with the coolest ideas on places to go and once we’re there she’s great at thinking of fun and exciting things to do. Even when we’re on vacation she’s already thinking about the next vacation we’re going to go on. One thing we’ve talked about is how much we want to travel together so having her have that talent is so awesome. Plus it keeps me from having to do it!" - Bryan

Scottsdale Sassi Wedding, Kate and Mac

The sky could not have been sprinkling down on two happier people than Kate and Mac's on their spring wedding day. There was nothing but smiles and tears of joy as these two got ready and stepped into their wedding attire before they said I do and, the rest of their evening followed the same upbeat tune! I knew back at our engagement session as we strolled and laughed that these two were something special and watching them handle a little weather with such grace and positivity proved me right. 

My favorite part of their entire day was watching as Mac stood, eagerly awaiting to see his bride for the first time and as Kate came forward their reactions ( jaw dropping and the other tears... see below) was enough to choke me up! It was such a beautiful moment as they swept each other up and took in the realization that they were getting married! It's so fun to watch a first look from far away and I will never forget their genuine reactions when they saw each other! You guys are so cute together!! It was such a joy-filled day and such an honor to be there! 

“It is hard to pick just one time that was my favorite because I loved every second of our day!  Our first look was so special when Mac and I finally got to see each other.  He had no idea what my dress was going to look like, so I was so excited for him to finally see it!  Taking pictures with our bridal party was so fun!  Since the majority of our bridal party lives out of state, I loved spending time with each of them throughout the day.  And how could I not love the dancing?!  Mac and I were so thankful to have so many friends and family that came out to celebrate with us, which ended in an amazing dance party!” - Kate
So many amazing people came together for Mac and Kate's vendor team to make this day so gorgeous! Credit to these fine folks for turning this vision into reality! 

Paper Goods: Minted
Groom Outfitting: Celebrity Tux and Tails
Flowers: Lux Florals
Makeup and Hair: Lauren Mitchel 
Ring: Shane Co
DJ: Push Play Entertainment
Custom Stationery and Calligraphy - Freed Hands
Videographer: Something New Media
Cocktail Hour: Lee Perreira
Photography: Jenn Wagner Studio

“ During our first look when I saw Kate, I was in awe of how beautiful she looked. I knew she would be, but this was my first time seeing the dress I had been hearing about for 14 months! Kate did an amazing job picking it out and an even better job keeping it a secret because I was totally blown away. When I first saw her my only thought was WOW! ” - Mac

                                        “ What did I love most about Kate….Everything... is that allowed? ”- Mac
“Sassi was the first venue we looked at and we instantly fell in love!  Not only does the area have beautiful desert views, but we loved the rustic feel.  Originally, our plan was to have an outdoor ceremony, but due to rain we moved the ceremony indoors.  Mac and I got married in front of the big fireplace surrounded by friends and family and it was better then we could have ever imagined! And, of course, the food at Sassi is amazing! ” - Kate
“One thing that made me laugh was during our vows, Mac said "I do" while Reverend Harmon was mid-sentence.  He was just so excited! :) ” - Kate
“We wanted our wedding to be simple with a vintage feel.  We had wooden crates and a wooden arbor that were used during the ceremony and near our sweetheart table during the reception with floral all throughout.  We wanted our florals to not be too bright, so we chose florals that were blush and white with some greenery.  We also had wooden signs with quotes and scriptures painted on them.  It was so fun to see all of the details put together at our wedding.  It was perfect! ” - Kate
“Picking just one favorite time throughout the day is tough. I would have to go with the hour right after the ceremony when Kate and I got our first look at the reception space. Having some time to talk and relax for a couple minutes with my new wife was amazing. We were able have a quick glass of wine and let the whirlwind of the day so far sink in. From there we went into the grand entrance, seeing how much fun our bridal party was having made me so happy! Closing out the hour with our first dance was perfect. We had been practicing for a couple months and to move without thinking to the song, coupled with the energy in the room is a memory I will keep for a lifetime. ” - Mac

We wish you guys all the best! Thank you for letting us capture your beautiful wedding day!