John + Madison | Wedding at The Wigwam

I love asking couples what moment do they remember the most from their wedding day. Madisons' answer is so sweet and makes me think back to my wedding day.
" I remember my hubby standing at the end of the aisle with just the cutest smile on his face... Oh it is a moment that every bride holds near and dear. One you just never forget. "

Madison and John, thank you so much for letting us capture your beautiful wedding day! It was such a colorful and amazing day! I wish only the best for you and John- Henry as you begin life as newlyweds together and that these photos bring back your special day when you became man and wife!


Looking back at our wedding day, it is a tough decision to pick what sticks out the most. It was a very special moment walking down the aisle and seeing John- Henry standing at the end. The happiness I felt in my heart to see him and getting to spend the rest of our lives together was such an unforgettable feeling that will last with us forever.

Our pictures together on the golf course were also so wonderful, we had a blast together. We got to enjoy being in love and laugh being our silly se

Something we want to repeat to our family for years is just how thankful we are for our friends and family that came, we had such a great night celebrating and dancing the night away with everyone. We never wanted it to end. - Madison

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