Scott + Kelly | Engagement Session

It was 2006 when Kelly & Scott were both in pharmacy school in Omaha. They weren't dating yet but late one night after hanging out at a class function with friends, Scott was driving Kelly home when, being young and in college, they both had a craving for McDonalds. 

Going through the drive through they both decided on a McChicken Sandwich and when they got to her place he dropped her off with McDonald's bag in tow. Sitting on her bed, eating her McChicken(which is totally appropriate when you are in college), she thought: 

 "This is, without a doubt, the best McChicken sandwich I have ever eaten in my life". 

At that very moment her phone rang and it was Scott and he said; "This is going to sound weird, but is this the best McChicken sandwich you have ever eaten in your life?"

No joke. 
Sparks flew people.

Over that crazy McChicken Sandwich. 

Its those little moments in life that really stick out, not the ones you plan for. But the ones that come out of no where and really connect you to another person in this world. 

And it was then, feasting on a chicken sandwich on her bed that she knew that she and Scott could be something special. 

Three years later they started dating, & in just a few months, they will be married. From then on Scott and Kelly  can eat McChicken sandwich's together. 
At their dining room table. 
Like civilized adults. 

: )
I love your love! It is lighthearted, fun and genuine. Thank you for laughing throughout your entire engagement session and making your love so easy to capture. I can't wait for your wedding in 2013!

Kelly is unique in her own fun, down to earth way. One of her many little quirks that Scott loves about her is that everyday she creates new names for their two dogs. To most people, their dogs are know by the names of Benson and Monte. But anyone who has spent time with Kelly knows that they also have many other names.  

Monte has been referred to as Lord Monte-Lou, Monte bear, Sir Luke-A-Lot, and Cool hand Luke. Sometimes Scott is surprised the dogs even know their own name. Benson also suffers from the same identity crisis. He is refered to as Benito, Benihana, & Benny and the Jets. Sometimes Scott asks himself if she even knows what the dogs REAL names are, but deep down I think he's just waiting to get his own pets names. 

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Mark + Kristin: Engagement Session

He had planned it for months. Plotting out details & special ordering without her knowing. 

But her face was *so* worth the surprise. 

As Kristin sat, surrounded by family and friends enjoying a casual dinner at Pei Wei, she opened her fortune cookie and found more than a slip of paper... 

She found a personalized note that asked her one question: 
" Kristin Miller: Will you marry me?"

Turning to find Mark down on one knee, realizing this was really happening, the words stumbled out of her mouth as she tried to figure out how she went from eating her favorite dish to suddenly in the middle of a proposal. 

The answer was a resounding 'yes'! 

He can't live without her fire, she is his Rojito del Fuego ( Little red Fiery One) and she can't live without his go getter attitude, people skills and amazing sense of smell. (She's never going to have to worry about the milk going bad!)

These two have found a second chance at love and I'm so excited for them both. 

The date is set and January 5th Kristin and Mark will tie the knot. 

Mark and Kristin than you guys so much for letting me capture your easy going, comfortable and genuine love.  So excited for you guys! Thank you for letting me capture your big day! 

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Fall Book Review: The Time Keeper

Its fall and this season always makes me want to curl up with a good book, a blanket and a cup of coffe in my new mug. 

Here is what I've been reading the last couple weeks and I thought I would share some recommendations and some advisements : ) 
1. City of Thieves-David Benioff-  My Score:  9/10 
LOVED IT! I love hearing history from the other sides perspective and this story follows two Russians through one week of life during Hitlers' invasion. Their are lots of insightful tidbits into what life was like during world war two and you end up falling in love with the two main characters as their unlikely friendship evolves. There are some dark realities that come with any book that talks of war, but I still definitely recommend!

2. Is Everyone Hanging out Without me?- Mindy Kaling My Score 7.5/10
A quick lighthearted read that brings you into the mind of the Office write, Kaling. She is quick witted, open to discuss her flaws and has a personal way of writing that makes you feel like you are actually sitting with her and having a conversation. The chapters are not chronological, but more of just a nonsensical organization of thoughts, which i found delightful.

3. The Time Keeper- Mitch Albom  My Score 8.5/10
This book makes you think. About time. About the fact that there wasn't always a way that we measured years, days, hours or minutes that passed, and now we have it broken down to count within a one thousandth of a second. We are surrounded by kitchen timers, wall clocks, phones, and watches to remind us constantly of how much has passed. It was a clean, hopeful read with a predictable yet enlightening end.

4. The Lover's Dictionary- David Levithal- My Score 2/10
I don't even know if i can even offer a genuine score on this one. I started reading it before i went to bed and couldn't make it through 10 pages. Not because I was tired, I just didn't get it. It literally is like a little dictionary of love anecdotes .. one on each pageguess? I crave storyline and character development, this one just wasn't for me.

What books have you guys been reading? I would love to hear your recommendations!

I Heart Engagement Sessions

I love October because this month because I have three engagement sessions with awesome couples that are head over heels for each other. 
I have come to realize the engagement session is one of my favorites, and here is why. 

1. I get to see how you sparkle!

Every relationship is unique and so each couple shows their love in different ways. Some people are quick to cuddle up and plant kisses, other are more reserved or love piggy back rides. But the engagement session lets me see how you love, your sparkle!Your little intriqicies that make your love special  Maybe, you both love to play the drums and eat mangoes together. Maybe your the couple that snuggles up with books for hours together, drinking chai out of your favorite mugs.  Maybe he is so funny that you both laugh. all. the. time. I get to see how you love each other and get to bring that  out on the wedding day. 

 2. You get a dry run before your actual wedding day. 

Be for real, how often are you professionally photographed ? The engagement session is a great chance to get all those 'camera shy moments out of the way. To get on the same page with me and understand how we will compose our shots on your big day. We figure out your style together and have a blast doing it! 

3. I get to know my awesome couples! 

Okay, so I'm a picky when it comes to my wedding couples. I love to work with laid back brides. Ones that will embrace their day as it happens and laugh off the stuff that doesn't go perfectly.  The couples I work with are chill and in love so getting to spend time with these people is actually fun! Its a a low stress, laid back environment. 
Like London Gold, its the best.  

4. Uh, you get to get dressed up, look gorgeous and feel loved. Enough said. 

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