Charles + Cindy | Wedding at Montelucia

Sometimes there are special weddings days that stand out. One where everything just seems to go flawlessly and the whole day is seamless from the minute the dress goes on until the last sparkler fades away into the night...

Such is the case with Charles and Cindy. Their wedding day was so joyful and flowed the entire day! I truly believe that the bride and groom set the entire mood for a wedding day and everyone else follows. With Cindy and Charles setting a laid back tone and just being genuinely happy the entire day...everyone else just went with that same vibe and it was perfect! 

One of my favorite little parts of the entire day was at the reception when they had the Tau'olunga Dance which is the Tongan Traditional Money Dance. It was such a unique dance where everyone joined in to collect money for the bride and groom by sticking money onto an oil covered dancer (sounds crazy when you write it like that... see photos below) Since Charles is Tongan it was such a neat tradition to watch unfold... first his family jumped in, putting five, tens and twenties on the beautiful dance, and then the rest of the party jumped in. My favorite moment was when Cindy jumped in at the end, dollar bills swirling around their feet, and this beautiful bride embraced her new hubby's rich cultural tradition. 

I loved Charles' answer to this question about her big day, so in his own words... 

When I turned around to Cindy in her dress for the first time, I immediately noticed her smile!!! That moment for me was special as it captured so many emotions. Cindy's happy and loving smile in her beautiful dress caused me mixed feelings of 
Happiness - she was without a doubt the one for me
Excitement - i knew we were going to have a wonderful life together
Joy - because her smile always makes me happy
Lust - she looked stunning.

 A spectacular group of people made this wedding possible and made each detail perfect! We were so thankful to recently have this wedding featured on Carats and Cake!! 

Hair and Makeup by: Mariana Marie
Wedding Planning by: Imoni Events
Enzoani Dress and accessories from: Uptown Bridal and Boutique
Wedding and Reception Location: Montelucia Resort and Spa
Invitations and Paper: Page and Mason Invitations
Cheers to a beautiful day! And now, their wedding story in photos... 

"Wow, there are so many special moments. But the one that sticks out the most has to be the anticipation of seeing Charles just before our first look! Those moments when I was walking toward him... they were surreal. I was so excited and full of anticipation. Not nervous about the day, just READY...ready to see him, ready to walk down the aisle, ready to be his wife!!  I couldn't wait for him to see me in my dress, and I couldn't wait to see HIM. I am so glad we did a first look. In the few minutes we were able to stand there together quietly enjoying each other, everything else fell away. It felt as though we were the only two people in the world. It was magical. Well, the whole night was magical! :)" - Cindy

I don't know why, but this is my absolute favorite photo from the entire day. Its such a sweet and tender moment, unplanned or provoked,  it just happened...  and I love it. 

"Oh! My nephew! He tore up the dance floor and had us all laughing SO MUCH. This boy LOVES to dance, break dance, and he was out there in the middle of the dance floor with everyone around him watching and cheering for at least three songs straight. It was absolutely hilarious. He definitely knew all eyes were on him and he put on a fantastic show. I just can't wait to see the photos and videos of that boy rocking it!" -Cindy

Tau'olunga Dance (Traditional Money Dance):

What a great way to end the evening... a sparkler dance... beautiful. 
"My favorite time on my wedding day was the moment just after the festivities had concluded.  Cindy and I had our first alone moment together, this is the moment it sunk in that we were married, together for the rest of our lives, official. We shared all the wonderful moments we had that day and how much they meant to us, it was an amazing feel to be with the one you love the most and had the experience of friends and family supporting the two of us."- Charles
Cindy and Charles, thank you so so much for allowing me to be a part of your unbelievable wedding day! It was truly perfect and your laid back and enjoy the moment attitudes made everything go so smoothly. The day was perfect and it was an honor to be there to capture your wedding! 
Much love, Jenn

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  1. Wow, Jenn, fantastic photos of a most beautiful wedding. Gorgeous couple, beautiful wedding gown & bouquet, loved the groom's tie, loved the "money dance," loved the way you photographed the rings, the outside setting for the photos was truly beautiful, the young boy dancing with so much energy was adorable, loved the photo of the bride & groom with their entire families, the photo of the bride & groom with palm trees in the background was one of my favorite photos, and loved the fireworks at the end. As a professional wedding photographer, you sure know how to capture memories for the bride & groom to cherish forever.

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