Phoenix Country Club Wedding, Phoenix Arizona | Reg & Courtney Lane

We walked into the house that Reg had grown up at the Phoenix Country Club and there was a bustle about the place that made you just know something special was happening there today. There were boxes and boxes filled with fresh flower arrangements in the laundry room, staff scurried from here to there setting out gold glazed donuts and setting up a bar on the porch. Caterers setting up a carving station and the girls from Prim Rentals trimming and adorning every corner with gorgeous florals. The work of  transforming their lush backyard into a reception wonderland already underway. When we got a hold of all of Courtney's details we couldn't help but swoon at how perfectly all of her pieces came together- from the ring box, to the stamps on the invitation, not a single detail was left unattended. 

We joined the girls at the Phoenix Country where Courtney already looked amazing, and Reg finished putting on the last details to his grooms-wear; looking dapper as ever and ready to meet his bride! From there the day seemed to go into double time, from the bridal party photos, to the wedding and first kiss. Hugs and applause and moms holding back tears. Reg swept his new bride away as they headed towards the reception and the pace only got faster as the two enjoyed their first dance under twinkle lights, the guest enjoyed Pa's moonshine and dance floor filled with love and laughter. It was an incredible day from beginning to end and we couldn't be more happy for these two. 
Sometimes you meet those couples that not only have extraordinary taste, but are just a totally blast to work with! Reg and  Courtney were not only Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lane! You were a breeze to work with and made every detail of the day absolutely perfect! 
Okay but this color palette though!!! SWOON!!
So much thanks is due to this stellar vendor team who brought their A game and made this day spectacular! 

Venue for Wedding: Phoenix Country Club
Reception: Private Residence
Florals: Prim Rentals
Shoes: Ted Baker
Cake (donut) vendor: Krispy Kreme
Paper Goods: invitations (@csleeper)//envelopes & signage- Sarah (@dear.sarah_)
Videographer: Sarah Bowman
Hair: DryBar
Rings: Hers- Heirloom His: Schmidt Jewelers
Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal
Ring Bearer Outfitting: Janie and Jack
"I just think Courtney looked like an angel – it seemed like she was glowing and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Not one thing sticks out to me, she looked like the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." - Reg

"What I love the most is being able to say we are The Lanes it is pretty great that we have the same name now. I like being able to say Courtney Lane." - Reg
Loved this sweet moment while Courtney signed the wedding certificate... so adorable!

"When I first started my walk down the aisle, I immediately saw Reg's face light up with the sweetest most genuine smile. I was so comforted to see he was feeling the same joy and excitement I was experiencing. However, with just a few steps in, my smile quickly turned to a laugh when our son, Tucker, let out a big roar and showed me the brand new dinosaur he was given for walking down the aisle like a big boy. He was so proud. My heart with so full of love and gratitude to be marrying the man of my dreams with my sweet little guy present to share the day with us."- Courtney
"When reflecting on our wedding day, my mind immediately goes to the moment Reg began to share his vows. His words were so kind and packed with so much emotion. That was truly a special moment for me."- Courtney

This was my personal favorite moment of their day, Reg had just finished his vows to Courtney. She cried, he choked up and had to stop while he poured out the sweetest hand written vows to her... and then they melted into this hug. Burrying into her shoulder as he wiped away tears you could feel the love surge out from this beautiful couple into the entire space. It wasl authentic. It was perfect and so necessary and I'm glad they felt at ease and so comfortable at their own ceremony to embrace in such an emotional way and let us truly witness their love for each other. They showed a piece of themselves, let us see them vulnerable before each other, and it was beautiful. 

"I loved designing our reception space with our wedding planner and meeting vendors who had amazing new ideas. It was so awesome to sit in our wedding planner's office with people we had just met and not only like them, but have them get exactly the look and feel we were going for." - Courtney
"I LOVED our reception so it's hard to pick just one component, but I would have to say I really loved our head table! I loved the garland, the love seat, our fancy gold rimmed glasses and everyone sitting there, of course!" - Courtney
"If I could relive one hour of the day, I would go back to the reception – after dinner and all the speeches were done and dance with my bride and our friends. The tension was off at that point and I felt like I could just let loose and enjoy the night with Courtney and the people who mean the most to us."- Reg
Reg and Courtney, your day was... breathtaking... there is just no other word for it! Thank you thank you for letting us be the ones to capture your one amazing day! We love you guys! 
- Jenn and Dusty
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