Brian + Julia | Frank Lloyd Wright Wedding at the Buttes

We walked into a room full of bustling girls in navy polka dots. Everyone was relaxed as they finished getting ready; makeup spread across counters, curling irons hot and pretty shoes spread across the floor. It was the perfect getting ready scene. Julia was calm and relaxed as everything went according to plan and her bridesmaids cracked her up. And as she slipped into her dress and out the door to meet Brian for their first look, the setting was perfect. Just the two of them with the desert landscape in the background while they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day. Their wedding was the perfect blend of friends and family, cool architecture and purposeful hints of a Frank Lloyd wright setting. 

Brian and Julia; thank you so much for giving us the honor of capturing your one sweet wedding day! You guys are some of the sweetest put together people we have ever met! we loved being there and hope each photo brings you back to a specific time and place and keep these memories of your perfect day alive forever. 
Much love, Jenn and Ryan

"The only thing that didn't go as planned is that I forgot to pack my tie.  I realized it at  the day of the wedding and flew home to get it.  It was just a slight hiccup in an otherwise perfect day.  I was amazed at how everything came together." - Brian

"As far as the memory, I think sitting on the altar, holding Brian's hand, looking out at all the people who came to celebrate us is what stands out the most. I loved the vantage point we was so sweet to sit there and watch everything happen. Sitting behind Fr. Joe and Fr. Jim and seeing all our friends and family there was amazing!" - Julia


"I think my favorite time of the day started right after the ceremony. The stress seemed to lift and the party started! As we arrived at the hotel, we got a ton of congratulations. We walked through the property and people were clapping and shouting (both our wedding guests and the hotel guests). We could see groups of our guests peppered around (some waving from windows, others by the pool) was just such a cool feeling. Then when the reception started and we walked into one of our favorite songs by the Dropkick Murphy's, all the fun started! Loved seeing everyone dance and have a good time- who knew we know so many dancers??" - Julia

"I keep thinking, and telling people, about my Father's attempt to step dance.  I have never seen him do it, I've only heard stories.  So to see him make the attempt was awesome!" - Brian

This is actually one of my favorite photos from the day. I was standing on a chair way behind them capturing people dancing when all of a sudden I saw this little moment happening between Brian and Julia. Totally unprompted; just a sweet and joyful kiss; their embrace truly telling of how much they love each other. Its in those small sweet moments that I truly find meaning to photography. The unplanned, the genuine little once in a night happenings we get to capture, and Brian and Julia get to hold on to forever.  Here's to Brian and Julia; may the feelings of this moment from your wedding night - while the party swarmed around you and all you wanted to do was hold each other in your arms- may that feeling last your whole lives.

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