Cafe Roka; Why sorbet makes me feel fancy

Ok, if you've never heard of Bisbee I wouldn't be surprised, but I would encourage you to visit if you are ever in Southern Arizona. A few weeks ago my husband and I travelled down to the quaint little town to have dinner with my in-laws to celebrate our birthdays. 

Now we aren't the super fancy type when it comes to dining. The closest we get to 'fine' dining is usually a nice steak from our own barbecue and the only time we use multiple forks is when we accidentally drop our first one on the ground... But this night was one of those nights where we had 5 courses served to us and boy did we feel fancy! We dined at Cafe Roka and were served tiny portions of delicious soup, salad and my favorite *sorbet*! Yes right in the middle of the meal they brought out this delicious lime sorbet for us. I was a little confused until i was informed it is to "cleanse our palette'. 

Didn't know my paletter needed cleansing but i went with it and loved it! 

Great night, great food, wonderful people! Thanks Ron and Joanne for a great night! 

Sherman Family

There is this thing that happens sometimes with photography. You try to plan out the poses, get everyone with their eyes open and make the kids genuinely smile. But then... there are these moments that happen, the ones that are true deep connection between humans. They usually happen when you don't have the camera pointed at them. But, if you pay attention, and you're lucky, every once in a while, you'll catch it. 

This happened with the Sherman family. I was set up to take a photo of Trevor and Ryan, when I realized that right beside me a 'moment' was happening between Ellie and her momma. I flipped around... and I got to capture... this...
I can't plan this. 

This is something as a photographer, that truly brings me joy. capturing this exact moment between a little girl and her mommy.  Its something you can't fake no matter how great your equipment or how complex your lighting setup.
And *this*. This is why I do it. Because as much as we love the photos of everyone smiling and looking at the camera. Its the little things. Those little in between moments of true love and affection that makes life worth it. 

And that is why I am a photographer. 

Thank you guys, for letting me capture your beautiful family, and for having that love that makes those 'little moments" possible. 

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Smith Family!

I love the challenge of big families. With 5 kids you have to get creative on how to keep everyone engaged and at the same time, give them room to be  themselves and feel comfortable so you can get those moments of true joy. 

The Bryant family was amazing! And I feel so blessed to have captured some sweet little moments of this family of 7! Thank you guys! 

ahaha! Love these kiddos! 

Thank you guys!

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Katie turns 2!

I don't have kiddos yet, but sometimes I feel like that aunt that is perpetually out of town and only comes in when big things happen (liking turning 2!). Its only been 4 months since i have seen the Bickart Family for their Family Christmas session, but Katie has grown up SO much in that time! 

She hit the big #2 this year and I was so impressed with her ability to follow directions and understand everything we were talking about! We talked about dancing, smiling posing, and she followed and played along! 

And showcasing her second year of life, I bring to you a montage of photos: Katie Bickart. 

oh and to add to the cuteness? mom and dad are expecting baby #2! 

Heidi and Aaron thank you for letting me capture you amazing little family! You guys are awesome! 

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JM+ Amy| Wedding day at The Farm!

They wouldn't stop smiling. 
All. Day. Long.  

JM stood at the front of the aisle, hands clasped, groomsmen besides him, wearing an eager smile. Everyone waited in anticipation as family and bridesmaids made their way as the music played. 
And as the crowd stood up for Amy to walk down the aisle, tears formed in JM's eyes as he caught his first glance of his bride walking toward him. He brushed them away, laughed slightly and then refocused all his attention on his beautiful soon-to-be-wife. Amy's smile matched his and as their hands met at the front of the aisle under the shade of a overhanging tree, they looked at each other, and both smiled at the future that stood before them.  
This is one of the coolest couples. Not only were they laid back enough to going hiking the morning of their wedding (how sweet is that?)  but the joy they had throughout the day set a relaxed tone for all of their family and friends. It was beautiful, and seriously, they both smiled and laughed the entire time! 

This is the story, of Amy and JM as told through photos from their day.. Enjoy. : )  

I hope your cheeks are rested from such a happy day! 

Thank you guys for letting me be a part of capturing your memories! 

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