State Fair |Engagement Session

A few weeks ago the Arizona State Fair was in town! 

Such an array of color, action and amazingly greasy food. Its the perfect place for an engagement session. I got to second shot this session with the one and only Trevor Dayley and we had a blast! Here are some images I took from that session. 



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Maelynn | Portraits

13 years old. 

Its a great time in life. 
Right between childhood and adulthood and Maelynn is taking on her teen years with grace and maturity that is so impressive. 

She bakes, she plays sports and from what I have seen she is a fantastic big sister.
Can you say well rounded? 

We had such a blast running around, putting on different scarves, posing like she was born to model. Maelynn was all smiles and has such a sweet spirit!

Thank you for letting me capture your bubbly personality as you take on the teen years! 

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