Eric and Sarah - Foxboro Wedding

Sarah first told me about her dream wedding location of Foxboro Ranch a year ago when we met at a small Starbucks in Sierra Vista. She tried to explain, as she sipped her latte, the beauty of this location and why she just *had* to get married there. We even pulled up some photos online so that she could try to show me what she was talking about. But I have to admit, it wasn't until I pulled up to the huge log cabin, placed so perfectly on a waterfront with an extended open field, doted with green pine trees along the horizon that it finally **clicked**.

This place is beyond words! A perfect setting for Sarah and Eric as they said their "I Do's" under the bridge. And as I watched their day unfold, having their first look on the deck of the cabin, skipped along the pebble path next to the lake after they kissed, and danced in each other arms next to the large indoor tree... Now I understood. Now I get it. 

I couldn't imagine their day anywhere else.

It was one of those perfectly picturesque type of days. The ones where everywhere you look there is more beauty surrounding you than you know how to fully capture in just one photo... so we took a few thousand. : ) 

Sarah and Eric! Thank you so so so much for allowing me to capture your dream day! You guys are the most perfect pair for each other and I cannot wait to watch as you continue this beautiful life together! 

"When I saw Sarah for the first time, I was thinking about how shockingly beautiful Sarah was in her dress, and about how lucky I was to be marrying such an amazing woman in just a matter of minutes.  I wanted her to just run and jump in my arms, and then spin her around and around."- Eric

Their wedding vowes were the most unique I have ever heard.. Here is a snippet from Eric's...

"I promise to never let us go to bed angry with one another, even if that means I have to ask 

you a thousand times what I did wrong. 

I promise not to judge you for the way you brush your teeth, letting the toothpaste cascade 

out of your mouth like a foaming waterfall...

I promise to let you make the bed every night before we go to sleep, no matter how weird it 

might seem.

I promise to support you in whatever academic or professional path you choose to take.

I promise I will never think of you as a criminal, no matter how many speeding tickets you 

I promise I won’t become an astronaut and I won’t ask you if we can submit applications to

be on the first voyage to colonize Mars...Unless you want to? 

I promise to start a family with you, and to be the very best father I could possibly be to our 


I promise to grow old with you, and watch our children raise families of their own. 

I promise to cherish every moment we spend together, no matter how trivial it might seem. 

I promise to take care of you when you are sick, and to never leave your side. 

I promise to never let you feel like you are alone. 

Lastly, and most importantly, Sarah, I promise that I will always love you."

And a small excerpt from Sarah's vows... 

"Our love continues to grow at exponential rates. How is it possible that what we once knew was only the beginning and subject to such growth? The answer is: I love you from the bottom of my brain. There has been a 
 neurochemical activation leading to long-term potentiation that has forever changed my life. You see, there is this small protein called oxytocin and it is produced deep in the medial portion of the brain and released with another small protein called dopamine. These two neurotransmitters are essential for the emotion of love to be expressed. It is long-term potentiation, which is the strengthening of synaptic connectivity that has been enhanced through the years of our relationship."
"The moment that made me tear up on our wedding day was when Eric made his promises to me. He is so articulate and truly has a way with words that could give anyone the chills. Seeing Eric's watery eyes so full of love and joy when he read his vows to me, was the most magical moment of the entire day. When he promised to be the best father to our future children I could not contain my emotions, but good thing I kept tissues in my pockets. Eric is the most loving man I know and I'm so excited to one day- in the far future- see him as a father. "- Sarah

The reception was gorgeous, sweet details that matched the setting perfectly, intimate speeches that had everyone laughing and crying, wine for all and a bride and groom that made time for all of their guests. 
"Anyone who is planning a wedding will make a timeline for their wedding day and anticipate following them without any major complications. I had fully intended that our wedding weekend correlate with the timeline we made however, that was not the case. We never got a wedding rehearsal because we were pulled in so many directions and all at the same time. Therefore, we 'winged' our wedding day. It was nerve wrecking at the time and now we just look back and laugh. It all worked out really well and now we have some pretty great stories to tell. " - Sarah

"The moment that sticks out the most was when Sarah was dancing with my dad for the father-daughter dance, right after my mom and I finished the mother-son dance.  I was standing there next to my mom, watching them dance and my mom said to me, "She has such classic beauty, Eric. We are so lucky to add such a wonderful woman to our family, your father and I are so proud of her and all that she has accomplished." 
I will never forget that moment." - Eric

I LOVED their cake! So perfect. 
Happy Ever After you guys!!

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