Sanctuary Wedding, Scottsdsale Arizona, Dana and Bob

When I first met Bob and Dana for their desert engagement session in the spring,  I knew their wedding day was going to be amazing.  Personal confession here;  for the first time during an session I COULD NOT get Bob's name right! I kept transposing Dana's name to "Dan" .. It was the most embarrassing thing!"
 "Okay Dan look over here and smile... wait NO! BOB!"
The thing about it? Both Bob and Dana just laughed about me having an off name day. They easily could have let that spoil the mood, or (rightfully) gotten frustrated but they were just too happy and laughed it off as no big deal. (And I'm eternally grateful for letting me off the hook so easily, cause come on!)
Their grace and ability to laugh through things really made me excited to be there for their beautiful wedding day. They had a ton of family and friends flying in from all over the country, so to be able to show off the beauty of the desert as they said their vows was something to look forward to! 
Time flew by, their  and before I knew it Dana and I were talking just a few short days on the phone leading up to her wedding at The Sanctuary. She was calm and relaxed and just so ready to get married to Bob! 
So basically when you take all things pretty and put them together for a wedding day, you tend to come out with a spectacular and gorgeous event, and that's exactly what happened! From the luscious florals by Lux, to the ceremony that went perfect, to their amazing bridal party that danced the night away. It was just such an unforgettable day. (And I have to give myself a little pat on the back, I didn't call him Dan one time ALL day.  ; ) 
Bob and Dana! You guys are going to go far as a couple! I am so excited for you both as you embark on this amazing journey called marriage. Its truly the best. All our love!
Jenn and The Studio Girls
Such a great team of vendors came together to make this day such a beauty! Many thank to the following for your artistry and your vision! 
Wedding Coordinators: Andrea Leslie Weddings
Live Band: The Walkens
Grooms Outfitting: Macy's
Shoes: Bagdley Mischka
Paper Goods: Minted
Hair and Makeup: Sarah Sheffield
Photographers: Jenn Wagner Studio

“I wasn't nervous at all to get married, but I found that I was the most nervous before the first look. Bob isn't very sentimental and definitely isn't what you would describe as romantic, but it was so sweet and special to see the look on his face when he first saw me. I didn't really know how I was supposed to feel, but it was nice to just be able to hug each other and laugh.” - Dana
 “It's a nearly impossible task to pick just one thing I loved the most about Dana on our wedding day, but if forced to pick, I would say how happy she looked. She just glowed with happiness and excitement the whole day, and it made her look even more beautiful. Her dress, hair, and everything else looked amazing, but she would have looked incredible in a burlap sack just because of how the happiness was radiating from her.” - Dana
“The majority of our guests were from out of town and had never been to Arizona before, so we really wanted to feature the beauty of the desert. The colors that we were going for were a dusty blue and rose that would go with the succulents in our florals and blend in nicely with the desert background. I think the team at Lux did an absolutely amazing job, and the flowers were even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined them being. The chuppah was so breathtaking, and I just loved all of the little details tying everything together.” - Dana

“The moment that sticks most in my mind was when the Rabbi was saying the seven blessings. Dana looked incredible, there was a gorgeous sunset behind us, and we were surrounded by our friends and family. In that moment I felt an incredible connection with Dana, and also with my family and faith, knowing that those same blessings were said at their weddings going back countless generations.” - Bob

Bride and Groom!
“We knew we wanted to get married somewhere in Phoenix, and my feeling was that if we were going to do it there, it needed to be somewhere that really had that desert vibe. As someone who grew up on the east coast, the way the desert and the mountains look is so unique and cool to me, and I knew many of the guests from my hometown would have the same reaction. I wanted to make sure that the venue we chose would have a great view of those mountains and the desert backdrop, and Sanctuary really fit the bill. The ceremony space has an amazing backdrop, and the wraparound porch and glassed-in ballroom ensured that we could see the panorama all night.”- Bob
“ Bob is my best friend and probably the only person in the world that I could hang out with all the time and not get sick of. He always makes me laugh - even if we are in the middle of the huge blowout fight, I know that he can always somehow find a way to make me smile. I am looking forward to tackling all of life's obstacles and adventures together with laughter and friendship!” - Dana
“If I could relive one hour of the day, it would be the time after dinner when the band was really rocking and everyone was dancing. It was really fun to see all of my friends and family out on the dance floor having a great time, and since all of the "official" parts of the wedding were done, Dana and I could really cut loose and enjoy ourselves.” - Bob
“ I think that my favorite time of the day was when Bob and I were just sitting at our sweetheart table for a few quiet minutes after the cake cutting. We looked around and saw all of our friends and family in one room and just sort of marveled at the fact that it was here and that we were actually married. It was a nice moment to just sit back and realize how special the day was.” - Dana
Dana and Bob your day was so beautiful thank you so much for letting us capture the best part of your love story! You truly are surrounded by an amazing group of friends and family and we wish you all the best as man and wife!! Much love, Jenn and the Studio Girls!

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