Brian + Julia | Engagement Session

When Julia said they had a good idea for where they wanted their engagement photos, they weren't kidding! One of their favorite spots is Taliesin West, they have memberships there and were able to secure a private tour and the ability for us to shoot their session there! Taliesin us a desert masterpiece built in 1937 by Frank Lloyd Wright himself. It was so beautiful! So happy to be sharing Brian and Julia's story! These two are so endearing and just easy to be around. Thank you so much for letting me capture your memories!

J: So how did you two meet?

Julia: We met through work when Brian traveled to Phoenix to work on a project. I remember seeing him and thinking he was so tall and cute. Then I heard him speak. His accent was absolutely adorable. Even though Brian had been in town for months, the first time I saw him outside of work was when we went out in a group because he and other co-workers were flying home. He went home and we started talking over instant message, text, and then on the phone. He was so easy to talk to and was so genuine. The rest is history.
J: Brian, whats something about Julia that you just love?

Brian:   When we're riding in the car she has a tendency to rub my earlobe.  I have no idea why she does it, but I find it endearing.  The second is her habit to fall asleep with our boxer Penelope in her arms.  When she does that they both have this look of happiness on there face.  It really is adorable.

J: And how did he pop the big question?

Julia: When he proposed, I had just gotten off the phone with my sister, Cate. In the conversation, she told me a funny story and sent a picture to explain. I was showing Brian the picture so we were sitting close together in front of our fireplace, laughing. Seamus and Penelope (our dogs) both happened to be lying at our feet. And then he proposed. It was perfect.

Brian: I can't say there was an exact moment when I knew I wanted to marry Julia, I just knew. 
 I know it's a cliche, but when you know you know.  

Thanks Brian and Julia! Can't wait for you big day next year! 

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Marek Family | Portraits

Little Olivia was just a doll. I told momma to bring some toys just in case we had a meltdown, but really the entire session lil Olivia was just perfect! Alex and Corinne are raising this one up right with lots of hugs and love. 

Thank you guys so much for allowing me to capture your family during these sweet time in your life. It was such a joy to capture Olivia's sweet expressions; may she always feel the love you guys have for her throughout her life. And if she ever wonders, may these photos serve as a reminder of your of just how much joy she brings. 

Love little baby features; like a tiny nose and long eyelashes. 

 I love this one of their family!

Love these moments of connection. When two people look, really see each other. 

Thank you Marek Family!

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Trevor + Eryen Nelson | Midland, Texas Wedding

I was so blessed to travel to Midland, Texas to capture the wedding of one of my dear friends from college. Eryen was marrying a guy named Trevor, and after a weekend of hearing amazing speeches, sentiments from friends and family, and then watching Trevor interact with Eryen, I know they are meant to be together. He is a Christ follower and is truly in love with his bride.  I am so happy for these two as they begin their lives together as man and wife! 
Thank you both for letting me capture your beautiful day. I think Eryen summed up the wedding perfectly when she said...

"There's not necessarily one story I tell of when I talk about my wedding, just this overall feeling of how loved and supported we were that day. It was such a special day and we felt so surrounded by the people we love the most. Also, contrary to what pretty much everyone told me would happen, there didn't seem to be a glitch or anything that went wrong in the wedding at all (or at least one that I knew of haha). It all felt perfect and exactly as I pictured it." - Eryen

"The thing that sticks out to me most about my wedding day was feeling a tremendous sense of calm when I finally got to the stage and held hands with trevor. That sticks out to me the most – I've never been more sure of anything or more confident about any decision. I just felt so at ease and calm up there with him." - Eryen

Happy marriage to you Eryen and Trevor!!

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