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It was a beautiful Saturday in May when Kirsten and Jay celebrated their nuptials.  Kirsten was in the side room of the Danforth Chapel on ASU's campus, putting on her makeup, bridesmaids zipping up the back of her dress. Kirsten slipped confidently into her bright blue shoes that added the perfect pop of color to her white ensemble.  A smiling Jay approached the chapel looking calm and dapper, groomsmen in tow. The guests were chatting amongst themselves in the intimate chapel, waiting for the ceremonies to begin. And without skipping a beat and in the same calm demeanor that led up to it, the ceremonies began. 

It was the most relaxed and intimate wedding I have ever witnessed. Kirsten and Jay surrounded by their loved ones pronounced their self-written vows, Kirsten holding back tears, and Jay grabbing her hands. 

It was simple, it was beautiful. 

And now, Jay and Kirsten's day in photos...

"The memory that sticks out the most was when I had just walked down the aisle and was listening to Trevor (the officiant).  I got very emotional because it had been a whirlwind between the first and second ceremonies and I suddenly realized that I was looking at my amazing husband, in a pretty dress, surrounded by all of our family and close friends. I felt extremely blessed that I had the privilege to marry my best friend twice and so many people were there to support us!" -Jay

"We did not have our own vows the first time, however did the second time. She stuttered with her words holding back tears and it instantly made me tear up a little as well." Jay

"I feel like I cannot complete this without mentioning the chair that Kirsten wanted to set up for my Mom. She passed away a long time ago but is still a big presence in my heart and life, and Kirsten made sure she was far from forgotten on this day. With my Mothers favorite color purple flowers on the chair and my Uncle "her brother" with his arm around the chair, I felt she was right there with me. I get a little emotional just thinking about it. On HER day she made sure my Mom was front and center, and she never even had the privilege to know her, but obviously knows me." - Jay

"My most cherished memories from the ceremony are as follows. Seeing your wife walk down the aisle is a treat all on its on, and you would think that the second time wouldn't be as memorable. When I saw her Mom and Dad walking Kirsten down, no one else in the room had my attention, as happy as I was that they were all there. When she made it to me, and her Dad once again said "please take care of her", it was just as important this time as it was the last. I could see the glimmer of a tear in his eyes and could truly feel what he was feeling." -Kirsten

"I also remember when I was alarmed to see that I was still wearing a silly band on my wrist when I walked down the aisle. Jay noticed it during the ceremony, rubbed my wrist, and smiled at me. Later on, he almost apologized that he wasn't wearing a silly band and then proceeded to put one on once we got home for the reception! :)" -Kirsten

"Jay and I have a lot in common including evolving goals, desire to learn, our ideal living logistics...and the fact that we both act like small children. I have found it to be rare to find someone else who will act like an adult when making big decisions or when they are around other people and then a kid when things aren't so serious. We have so much fun while providing incredible support to each other, and I am excited for that love for life and each other to grow and develop throughout our lives." - Kirsten

Kirsten and Jay, thank you so much for letting me capture your gorgeous and perfectly intimate wedding day! You guys are amazing together and I'm so excited for your silly-band-filled life together! : ) 

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