Jenn Wagner Photography makes it to print. Print People Print!

Its small. 

Its just one photo.

But its my photo. 

Like, I took that thing, loved and edited with my own two hands! 

And its right there. In print. In a *wedding* magazine! It makes it so much more real! 
I am so excited! 

I don't know why but it just seems like this little milestone for me. So happy to be in Coastal Weddings Magazine!

I am excited. So I am taking this little moment to celebrate! Bring out the bubbly and the party hats! I'm doing a chair dance! 

Thank you Katie for being gorgeous and in love and an amazing bride. I loved your day and love that you are now a famous model in bridal magazines. haha

I love what i do. : ) 

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Uptown Bridal | Wedding Feature

The venue, the schedule, the flowers the seating chart. 
All important, but sometimes daunting parts to planning your big day. 

But your wedding dress?
That's the fun part my friends. 

Its all about you, finding that perfect dress that compliments your style and that will  help you radiate on your special day. 

It is its own special event that you get to invite your bridesmaids, your adoring mum and sisters too. You feel gorgeous trying on gowns while imagining what it would look like as you walk down the aisle to your groom. 

Ladies, the best place to do this is at Uptown Bridal. 
If you haven't been, GO! I promise you won't be let down. 

They set aside time and a personal assistant to help as you describe the dress you want, try on different styles and personalize your dress with accessories all right there in the store. 

They are super friendly, have a wide variety and give you plenty of time to try on dresses. 

I recently went there with a bride and snapped some photos of their amazing bridal shop. It was my first time, and it is a must when shopping for your perfect dress!

Check them out here!

Plenty of seating for your party to come and watch you try on dresses! 

Love their selection! 

The owners of Uptown Bridal are sisters, how cool is that?!

Huge thanks to this gorgeous bride, Cindy, for letting me post a few of her from her session!

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John DeSteiguer | OC Inauguration 2012

I don't know why, but I expected them to be different.
Like this change to "presidential status" would somehow change the DeSteiguers from the family I had known and somehow magically become a part of over the last 9 years.

And yet.
They were the same.
John, Darla, Abby and Joe. Living normal life just as they always had.

Even the day before inauguration.

Darla chopping up veggies in the kitchen and putting a soup on for later.
Abby working on homework and talking to Darla about her class the next day.
Joe meeting up with us for lunch at Pei Wei.
John taking out the garbage and reading in the same chair he always did.

This family, is in essence the same.

Yes, being president at OC changes some things.. but not who they are.

Not who John is.

Because when it really comes down to it...
Its not the speeches he made to thousands that day.
Its not the nice suit.
Its not the awards he received, or the medallion they placed around his neck that makes John DeSteiguer a great leader.

It's this , right here.
Pouring coffee for someone else.

Oh, its a simple gesture, I know.

But at the heart of it, serving others is actually a simple concept.

This was "his" day.
I saw the schedule and how many thing he had going on, a minute by minute breakdown of where he needed to be, what he was supposed to be doing and even what he was to wear.
And yet.

He took the time. To pour coffee.

And those that know him well understand that this wasn't a photo op. 

This is his life. 

This is John. 

The same ole' John we all know and love.

He follows Christ and spends his life serving others.

This is why this man is a great leader for OC. The example he is to the community will be infectious in the best of ways.

So lead serve on John.
And I pray that many others find themselves home at Oklahoma Christian under your servant leadership.

DeSteiguer Inauguration day | August 27th 2012


These inauguration photos and more can be found here on Facebook. Feel free to find your photo and tag yourself in the from this great day! 

John and Darla's friends from Tahlequah Oklahoma. 
These inauguration photos and more can be found here on Facebook. Feel free to find your photo and tag yourself in the from this great day!
These inauguration photos and more can be found here on Facebook. Feel free to find your photo and tag yourself in the from this great day!
The crowd.

These inauguration photos and more can be found here on Facebook. Feel free to find your photo and tag yourself in the from this great day!

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Kurt & Katie Cavender | Wedding

Katie and Kurt. 

It was their moment. 

Standing up on stage, in front of their family and friends. They didn't have to worry about what was next, if they were forgetting something or thinking " don't trip, don't trip!" . 

It was the the two of them. 
Standing across from each other, looking straight in the others' eyes and focusing on what the day is truly about. 

Two people, exchanging vows, and committing to each other for the rest of their lives. 

It was her favorite part of  the day.


And now... their wedding in photos. Enjoy!

 I love when couples want to add on a little something extra to make their photos unique. Right after their wedding, the three of us went downtown and spent an hour just walking the town and getting some amazing shots on their wedding day! They were met with plenty of smiles and congratulations as they strolled in their wedding garb, and we got some of my favorite shots of the day. 

Happy Marriage you two!



Its the biggest faux pas you can pull. 

Showing up to your friends wedding without a gift

Yes, technically she hired me to be there as her photographer... but I've been friends with the bride, Katie for over 6 years, we've been to Africa together, sung on stage at OC and spent hours in each others apartments watching the office and talking about how everyone else was married but we weren't going to settle. 

So yes. Party foul.
But there I stood, on her beautiful Texan wedding day, realizing I had no gift in my hand... except my camera... that also. captured. video.
And then it hit me. 

I was in a unique situation to capture not only her day through photos, but also capture snippets of video as we went. 

I didn't tell her on her big day, so this is a total surprise. 

And so, my dear friend Katie, here is my gift to you, your wedding photos sprinkled with a bit of moving-magical-movie love. Thank you so much for letting me come and be a part of  you big day. You were a beautiful bride and I wish nothing but the best to you and Kurt.

Song is from their first dance together: Blueriver

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