McBride Family Session!

They came walking, all dressed up so cute and ready for some family photos. 

There were some smiles, some cries, some sharing and some good play time. Its such a pleasure to capture kids, just for who they are at that moment in their life. They change so fast, but photos are the one thing you can always look back on, remember their quirks, the way they played and their little expressions. 

Thank you, Casey and Eric, for trusting me to capture your sweet families memories! Enjoy! 

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Mike and Di Ane; A Mountain Engagement

If you make the hike up A Mountain in Tempe around sunset, you get the most spectacular views of the city. Sparking lights, reflections from the water, romantic bridges and giant buildings dot the horizon. 

This urban mountaintop is a place where Mike and Di Ane have a lot of memories. They have hiked their together, and even ran with their family up the mountain as one of the summer storms brought in a furry of dust so they could see it first hand. 

More recently however, Mike took Di Ane up there, and made a memory they will never forget. Looking over the entire city, he asked for her hand in marriage... and she..of course... said yes. 

Thank you guys so much for letting me capture your engagement photos! So happy as you start this next journey in life together! 

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The Maret Family!

They all piled out of the cute family van, oldest to youngest spilling into the grass looking adorable.  They followed me to each of the three locations I had picked out ahead of time, and smiled their darling little smiles like it was their job! I loved watching this family of six  as they ran, climbed, shared and played together. Every time i turned around there was always someone doing something cute and I just loved it!  

Maret family! Thank you so much for letting me follow you around the playground, capturing your precious little ones as they played and were themselves. You guys are awesome and I hope to see you again as your family grows! 

How cute are these faces?

These are my favorite... the moments  you can't plan, that just happen organically...

Proud momma pushing her baby girl in a swing. 

Thank you guys for letting me capture your awesome family!

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Weekend in Prescott

So based on the photo collage,  it looks like Ricky and I kidnapped 2 cute kids for the weekend and took them up to a cottage in Prescott. Kinda creepy... What really happend, is we somehow went the whole weekend without getting photos with their amazing parents. My bad Joanne and Devan! : ) 

We had such a fun weekend up North, the weather was gorgeous, the four hours of pooltime with the girls was so fun, and the after dinner conversation kept us up till we were hungry for 2nds. 

One of the funniest parts of the weekend was right before we started eating, Ricky said grace for us and thanked God for the time up north, the Wastchak family, and just time to spend together. 

Well i guess it dragged on a litlte cause after we said amen, 6 year old Megan just comes right out and says, " That was long!" 

haha, love kids!  And the Wastchaks. 

So blessed to have awesome friends to create summer memories with! 

Hope and Elisha: Sister Session

I never had a sister growing up, but I always imagined it would be something like this. 

Hope and her little sister Elisha were so adorable on their sister photo shoot and made me miss the sister my mom never had. They showed up with coordinated outfits and lookin fabulous. I couldn't help but want to crawl in the backseat, just to hear their sister banter as they changed outfits halfway through, swapping jewelry, digging through bag of clothes and touching up their make-up together. 

These two were so fun to work with and rocked it despite the fact that it was like a billion degrees out. :) Thanks for a great session and letting me capture your glowing personalities and your envious sisterly love. 

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