Ahwatukee Golf Course Wedding, Amber and Jacob with Shannon!

It was the perfect vibe as Shannon arrived at the Foothills Golf Course three weeks ago. Girls getting all prettied up, beautiful blush dresses hanging up near by, and colorful florals arriving to a bride finishing up her makeup and hair. Everyone was relaxed but excited with anticipation as the guys got ready downstairs, drinking a beer, the groom opening sweet gifts from his bride to be upstairs. From there the day only get better as Amber saw Jacob for the first time, his eyes lighting up and the biggest smiles spreading across both of their faces!
Because hello, she looked STUNNING!
The two were so natural from the get-go together, laughing easily and happily as they embraced the magic of the day unfolding before them. The ceremony was the sweetest! They exchanged their own hand written vows, prompting tears and laughter from both the bridal party and of course their parents! It was a sweet day from beginning to end and we could not have been more happy to be there, capturing all the little moments from the sidelines! Congrats Jake and Amber! We are so happy for you guys as you begin this amazing journey in life together! Thank you for letting us tell one of the most important parts of your love story, one click at a time!

Much love!
Jenn and Shannon

 "I don't like anything too flashy or over the top, so my overall theme for our wedding was: simple yet elegant and romantic. Since the wedding was outdoor I wanted rustic décor, but I added some elegant pieces to keep things pretty!"- Amber
This beautifully crafted day was put together by this talented group of vendors! Hats off to you guys for making this so amazing! 

Wedding Coordinators: Anne Dugan at Foothills Golf Course
Rings: Blue Nile
Grooms Outfitting: Men's Warehouse
Shoes: Schutz
Hair and Makeup: Admirroration Hair and Makeup Loungs - @loveyourhair_bysher
 Oh my gosh I loved their first look! There was so much buildup and Jake was so patiently waiting to see his bride and then this smile was just the perfect moment of seeing each other on their beautiful wedding day! 
"Seeing Amber for the "first" time, walking toward me, knowing that from that moment on she would be my wife made me happier than I'll ever be." - Jake 
" The thing i love most about my bride that is always beautiful, is her smile that is filled with love and laughter and every time I see it I can't look away."- Jake
 "For our flowers, once again I wanted simple, so the bridal party had baby's breath bouquets and boutonnieres. And the flower girl had baby's breath pinned in her hair! My bouquet was a Pinterest find! I saw a picture, fell in love, and Lori created it perfectly. It was full of flowers, but not over the top or too big. I loved it! "-Amber
" I have to say my favorite time was the vows and taking pictures right after we were married. During the vows I swear time stood still for a moment. The sun was shining, the air was perfect, and my eyes were locked on Jake. Since we wrote our own vows I had no idea what he was going to say. Every word was PERFECT and reminded me of how lucky I was to be marrying this man."- Amber
"The most special piece of décor was Jake's father's chair. His dad passed away 5 years ago and we wanted to honor his presence in a special way. Jake decided to decorate a chair where his father would be sitting. It had a chair cover, unlike the other chairs, his father's picture and a horse shoe because his dad trained horses."- Amber

"Our vows not only took our guests by surprise but me as well.  Normally I have funny speeches and she has sentimental touches.  On our wedding day it was reversed and it ended up being the best part of the ceremony to me."- Jake

"Also, taking photos after we were pronounced husband and wife was a favorite time. We were married, we made it through the ceremony, and could just laugh, kiss, and enjoy each other together. Even though you and Shannon were there, I still felt like it was our own time and moments to share with each other, just time to be with another and realize we were married!!" - Amber

Their beautiful reception was such a great party! Cake, dancing and personal tributes to all their friends and family, it was a night all of their guests will remember. 
"My centerpieces were created from a couple of pictures I had found. The wood pieces were cut from fallen golf course trees! And I added the mason jars with flowers, candles, and picture frames. When I dreamt of my wedding, I wanted to be outside and surrounded by lights. Lighting the candles on the tables and the lanterns, along with all the lights hanging above the guests was perfect. I chose the color blush because it felt warm and romantic. Navy ended up being a perfect accent color! I love the way the natural outdoor colors came together with the blush and navy."-Amber
"Yes! When I went to the bathroom before the ceremony and almost dipped my veil in the toilet. Luckily my amazing maid of honor caught it :) Also, the fact that I said I will let Jake spoon my butt every night as part of my vows! Finally, Jake's mom told him to keep the garter removal PG and then he slid across the floors on his knees! IT was the best!"- Amber