Heidi and Peter Sitting in a tree.... A Surprise Proposal!

She looked a little apprehensive as she picked up the red box off of the planter, but as soon as Peter came around the corner Heidi's entire face lit up with a smile... And after Peter got down on his knee and confessed his love; she quickly went from girlfriend, to fiance!

Talk about a status upgrade!!

So excited for you guys as you plan your dream wedding and begin the next phase of your life together! 

Allister is awesome and helped to coordinate the day so it would be a surprise along with her son Mason who helped Heidi find the ring! : ) 

We got to take a few photos right after Peter and Heidi got engaged. So fun to see two people in love!

and yes... we really did put Heidi and Peter in a tree... so gradeschool ryhme i know, but it was cute!

And yes they did a little K*I*S*S*I*N*G* : )

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Planes trains and luges. Euro adventure with the Wagners!

I love waking up in different countries.There is something refreshing about getting out of bed and knowing there's a whole different world outside your room. One that is different from the get up and go to work scenario.  My hubby and i recently got the chance to explore foreign soil in a 12 day breathtaking excursion to Austria and Germany and it. was. fantastic. 
Is that braggy? i don' mean to sound braggy. But seriously, this vacation could beat up your vacation.

We started our journey in Berlin! Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin wall and an abundance of delirious jetlag. After eating at two in the morning and running around the enormous train station, we decided to give our weary legs a rest and bused our way through this city hitting the highlights. ; )

I've always been fascinated with the Berlin wall. While there, i made it a point to listen to President Ronald Reagan's address to the Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev (which i brought on my itouch). Its always struck me, that in the final line, he delivers "Mr. Gobachev"...  once, in a meek tone... and then recomposes to deliver it again with power and authority "Mr. Gorbachev, Tear down this wall!"  
I've always loved that. Like, he had to deliver it right, because he knew his words would be echoed around the world. I wonder if he knew at the time that some random blonde american would come to the spot he delivered this speech, for the mere purpose of reliving his passion for freedom. 

We were actually both asleep during this photo. Hadn't slept in 52 hours and the only solace we found was in resting on each others faces.  

Funny thing. So i was *adamant* about having an overnight train. (hence flying into berlin for one day and then leaving that night for Vienna). We picked out this "luxury" cabin for 2 with washing services.....and paid a pretty penny for it. 

We got on our train and found this. 
and thats it. My camera is touching the door in front of me, and ricky is between me and the sink. The doorknob to the right is the next room. 

a port- a- potty with beds in it. fo real?? by this point in the day we were so delirious that we just laughed and crawled over each other into our respective bunk beds that fell out of the wall. My bad. 

Oh Sweet Vienna! 

These days in the capital of Austria left little to be wanting. Amazing fresh markets, palaces and shopping! We recovered from jet lag amongst the romantic streets of cafe central, beirgartens and it felt like our Europe vacation had really begun! 


I don't know

The Prater
State capital in the background.

Schloss Schonbrunn. We could have spent 2 full days at this amazing palace of the Hapsburgs.  : )

This massive horse statue was just begging to be climbed. don't worry, i resisted.

Such an amazing city of history and culture. Could have spent every day there. 

After Vienna we left for Salzburg. This is the point where i made the fatal " sandwhich before husband" mistake. You can read about that later. 
But now onto Salzburg

and prepared for a sudden massive fire. under. control.

One awesome tip i got before we left, was to do all the major attractions in the early morning like start at 8am. Its hard to get up, but it saved us HOURS from waiting in line and we basically just walked into whatever we wanted and had the place to ourselves.

Drinking from the spiget, nature style! 
and yes, i did dominate him in Uno. 

Don't worry, it was a safe cliff. 

Lets be for real, by this point your like " Okay enough already on the photos of your vacation sheesh", so self absorbed. 
Well too bad its my blog. Plus if you keep reading you may just see me jumping into a glacier lake... ... Oh still reading? That got your interest huh??  ... sicko... 

Rhotenburg Germany
A quaint little town in bavaria. Its what you think of when you think of germany, perfectly preserved with a town square, flower box windows and torture museum. Ahhh sweet history. 

i just realized the last two photos i have my arms up in exactly the same position. Gee look at me, Ms. original. For all you know i just photoshopped the background to make it look like i went a bunch of cool places in Europe. Guess you'll never know now huh? This whole blog could be a sham. I may not even exist.

nope i do exist. 

 I only had one goal in Rhotenburg. And that was to copy the exact goofy photo of two tourists having fun that i saw in a brochure. 


and i also got a massage at the green building. 

one more town.. our last day in Germany. Fussen. 
One of the best days of my life. Lougeing, biking, swimming in a lake... amazing. 

Our bike guide asked who wanted to jump into swan lake. Keep in mind its  May which isn't summer yet, and this fresh water comes straight from the alps.. i was the only one who raised my hand. He laughed and thought i was kidding until i walked behind a bush and whipped out my bathing suit. Don't worry, ricky held a towel up. he's the best. 

Best swim ever. Locals thought i was a little crazy as i came up flailing and gasping for oxygen from the icy water.

They stopped staring after my third jump into the blue bliss. 

On the luge. No rules, no speed limits, you control how fast you want to go... Hence why my husband wiped out on our third run. 

this is the castle that Walt Disney used as inspiration for his logo and theme park. 

So there you have it! 12 days of paradise with an amazing man and great memories. 
Everyone keeps asking what my favorite part was of the trip... honestly, just being with this guy 24/7. for real. Not even ashamed that its corny or cliche, cause i'm so in love with this guy. 

Until next time! 


Alison: 18 months and growing!

Its been 9 months since Alisons' last shoot. And my how this little gem has grown! 

What I love?

The fact that these precious blue little eyes are still exactly the same.. i mean.. look at these beauties! They like stare right into you. This girl is a deep thinker and is going to do something amazing in life. I can just tell.

9 Months & 18 Months 

So neat to track this little girls' growth and yet see that baby still in there. : ) Thank you Lacy for letting me capture your little girl! Your family is adorable and I loved that you were willing to go with the flow and trek your family around the park to get a cool shadow shot of your growing family!


Alison Holt: 18 months

Happy with Momma. 

Pigtails! Still her baby hair! Never been cut : ) 

The whole family was there, so we took a few photos of brothers and sisters with Alison. Love their smiles and how patient they were with her! 

Family of 5. 

Thanks you Lacy for letting me capture your beautiful family as they grow! 

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