Favorite Engagement moments this year!

Every year we get to meet the coolest couples in one of the best times of their lives; right after they got engaged! I don't know what it is about this time in pre-bride and groom life, but it is just fun and full of energy. I think it is partially because wedding planing is still in the beginning phases and is super exciting, and then a lot of it is just that puppy dog giddiness of them know they are going to spend the rest of their lives with the person they love the most! 

That is enough to make anyone smile! The engagement session has to be one of my favorite parts of the entire process of two people traveling towards marriage. Its laid back, the focus is solely on the couple and just having a fun time. The biggest compliment I recieved this year came from a groom-to-be, that I could tell at the beginning of the session was a little more than apphensive about photos. Which I totally get, I'm married to a guy that loathes getting his photo taken, so this isn't unfamiliar grounds to me. However by the end of this engagement session this particular groom was smiling ear to ear and said "Wow I can't believe its already over, that flew by it was so much fun!" From there the two left hand in hand and went on to dinner together in just the best of moods. 

Day made.

We love our couples! Thank you for letting us experience you love in all its vibrancy!
Jenn and the Studio girls

More of Dante and Carly here!
Love this shot that our ASsociate Shannon took at Jole and Josh's session in Gilbert!
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Garrett and Catherine were the cutest! Shannon took there photos and you can see more Here!
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Thank you so much to all of our unique couples for sharing your love, your stories, your first kisses and everything that makes you unique! We loved capturing this sweet phase of your life! Thank you!! 

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