Scottsdale Engagement Session | Dante & Carly

I've known Carly since our high school days back at Desert Vista. She always had an easy laugh and likeability about her that didn't put her into one finite catergory that so often defines high school days. Everyone loved her and her smile was infectious. With such an amazing personality she dsereved to find someone that would be just as amazing, and she definitely found that perfect partner in Dante. Their session was so much fun and that same smile can back tenfold as her sweet hubby to be wrapped his arms around her. It was such a cool experience to see her loved so well and see that laugh come back as she found the one that she was meant to be with. Carly and Dante I am so ecstatic for you guys as you begin this journey towards marriage. Thank you so much for letting me capture these once in a lifetime moments. Best to you guys!

" Every time it hits me that I get to marry my best friend, it always makes me smile. As cliche as that expression may sound, I don't believe its the norm for the majority of people who end up together. To start a relationship as truly friends allowed us to take all the masks off and just be real from the start. Dating her, after knowing and living with her for years, felt as natural as any start to a relationship I could have ever imagined. I read a quote a while back that said, "it is rare to find love in this world to think that I beat the odds and realized what was right in front of me. I can't imagine any other scenario playing out, other than me holding on to her for the rest of my life." - Dante.

Trying to narrow down the one quality about Dante that I couldn't live without is so hard to answer. There really isn't one quality. He is by far one of the most genuine, intelligent, kind, and funny men I know. Dante was my best friend for over 5 years before we started dating and I always knew he was such a fantastic guy. I am so grateful that we took that leap of faith to give "us" a try and let the rest of our story unfold." - Carly
"I knew I wanted to marry him very quickly into us dating. The ease of our relationship was a sign to the both of us, that this was going to be it. I knew I wanted to marry him on several occasions...and I remember I was wondering if he would propose on my 30th bday in Disneyland in December. My entire family and close friends were with us and I was so incredibly happy. He didn't propose then...but I knew after a wedding in Hawaii (July) that I was just hoping he would propose." - Carly
"The thing I am looking to the most about living life with Carly is continuing to build on our memories. As she would tell you, it's ALL about the stories. I've had some amazing ones with her over the years as just friends, and some even more amazing ones as anything but just friends. Can't wait to see what memories are in store as our story together unfolds." - Dante
"Our first kiss was in May 2014 the night of our friend's 30th birthday. We hadn't started dating, but all had a fun night out and it just happened! The next day, everything changed and we just basically fell into our new relationship. It was very easy since we had been living together already for a year and half and all that changed, was the fact that we were now sitting next to each other on the couch. I remember thinking how comfortable this was, but also the fact of how crazy it was...since it was Dante! My best friend for so long and now, we were looking at each other differently. " - Carly
"As crazy as it sounds i knew I was in love with Dante when we were in Hawaii. Going to a tropical paradise to see my good friend get married, and I knew there wasn't single other person i'd rather be there with. Having a blast for 4 days and seeing her interact with my mom and dad...i knew i had found my one." -Dante

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