Wright House Wedding, Mesa Arizona, Jake and Kimberly

If I had to choose one word to describe this wedding day it would have to be *fairytale*! From the bright cheery color palette, to the perfect ceremony setting, and then there is the fact that our stunning bride Kim used to actually be a Disney Princess at Walt Disney World! What!? We shot a real life princesses' wedding! And it really was perfect! 
Surrounded by their closest family and friends, Kimberly walked down the aisle, holding back the tears as her sweet groom Jake let the tears flow down his cheek as she approached. It was one of the most sweetly emotional walks down the aisle I have ever seen! We were so thankful to be there to capture the magic of this day and cannot be more excited for these two as they begin the next season of their life together as man and wife!
Congrats Kim and Jake! We couldn't be more happy for you guys! 
All our best, 
Jenn and the Studio girls
Thanks to the amazing vendors that really put the magical touch on this perfect day!
Event Director/Planning: Elizabeth Rush at Imoni Events
Paper Goods: Wedding Paper Divas
Linens and Chairs: The Wright House
Groom Outfitting: Jos. A. bank
Hair and Makeup: 20 Volume Salon
Photorapher: Jenn Wagner Studio
Rings; Jared - Engagement Ben Bridge - Wedding Band
Dessert Bar: Honeymoon Sweets

Jake and Kimberly's Wright House Wedding Day!
"I had this weird calm feeling come over me during the getting ready process. Everyone kept asking me if I was okay and the best part was that I was totally fine, despite my thinking I would have been freaking out! I took the time to steam out all of the bridesmaids dresses while the girls had started getting their hair and makeup done, and that was honestly one of my favorite parts of the morning. I got to just do this relaxing activity on my own and watch my girls get pampered which they all so deserved at this point in the week after everything they had done for me!"- Kimberly
"Having a first look with my dad really meant a lot. My older sister had done the same thing at her wedding, but that so didn't prepare me for how emotional that moment would be while I was standing there waiting in my own wedding dress. After he walked into the room I was able to look over and see my mom's reaction to that moment as well. It was just a really special time between my parents and me."- Kimberly

"If I could go back to one moment of the day, I would relive that first look with Kim. I don't like to be emotional, but when I turned around and saw her for the first time that day I couldn't help it. That image of her was captivating and will always be something I remember clearly. She looked beautiful."- Jake
"Kim really is the kindest and most understanding person. The best part is that I get her as my partner to go through life with, and to be the mother of my kids."- Jake
"Fall is both our favorite season, and having both grown up in places with traditionally beautiful fall foliage, we wanted to bring those colors to life at our AZ wedding! Both of us wanted a really comfortable feel from our venue and The Wright House was a perfect fit for that. It's a bit smaller, and the place is decorated all on it's own so we wanted to add even more warm and comfort by bringing in those deep fall colors. We aren't necessarily the most traditional people, so instead of standard black on the guys, we opted for really rich navy suits to accent the deep reds and oranges." -Kim
"Kind of the same answer as the first question. That time that Kim and I got to spend together with each other and with our families and bridal party was really cool. They were all the most important people to us, so it was awesome having some time before the busyness of the wedding itself to just share some time together all dressed up and taking pictures." - Jake
"While Jake isn't typically the guy to show his love a lot in public, he has always been amazing at making sure I know how much he loves me when it's just the two of us. When I think back on the wedding, I love how vulnerable he was and how willing he was to express that love to me for all of our guests to see. It made for a very emotional day throughout, and showed everyone else that amazing side to Jake that he normally reserves just for me :)."- Kimberly
"Is it terrible that the ceremony was all kind of a blur?? After seeing Jake and walking down the aisle towards this man that I loved so much, I think the excitement of everything just took over and I literally couldn't focus on the words being said, but just how much I loved this man! As most people knew, we had had a courtroom ceremony about 7 months prior which was just the strangest and most bizarre experience of our lives...haha. The judge was so weird! So we knew no matter what, this ceremony would be so much better. I felt bad during that one because the judge was so strange that I laughed through all of Jake's vows (the nerves got to me!) but then Jake feels bad because his nerves got to him during this ceremony and he said my middle name first while we were doing our vows. I thought it was really funny, and he quickly recovered and made it through the rest of our vows with no other problems!"- Kimberly
"So the cake cutting was our way of bringing my being pregnant into the party and celebrating our growing family! There were a few people who knew the sex of our baby, but we had kept it a secret from most of our family and friends (at least that had been the goal). Originally I didn't want Jake or myself to know the sex of the baby either and find out with everyone else, but Jake wasn't having any of that! What was funny about the cake cutting, was that we knew what to expect (blue frosting in between the cake layer that we had cut into as arranged with our cake designer), but I thought for a split second that she had done the wrong color! We had a red icing filigree detail on top of a white iced cake, so when we initially cut into the cake and started to pull the slice, it looked for a second like we were getting pink frosting instead of the blue! I was thinking to myself, "How in the world are we gonna explain this?!" Thankfully, however, as we pulled the slice out and away from the rest of the cake, we could see that the pink was coming from the red and white icing mixing together from the cutting, and our blue icing in the middle of the cake was just as it should be! It's a BOY!"- Kimberly
Jake and Kimberly, your wedding day was absolutely a fairy tale! Thank you for letting us capture the magic! Congrats your sweet family and we wish you all the best!

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