Forest Engagement Photos | Heber, AZ Photographer | Alex and Jennifer

When Jennifer and Alex mentioned they may want to do their engagement session up North, I was all about it! I love when couples want to get out of the city and get some fresh air while we capture this amazing time in their life! So up to Heber/Overgaard we headed where Alex's family has a cabin and the surroundings did not disappoint!  Just a few minutes after turning off the main road we ran into some wild horses grazing! Wild horses people! It was amazing and they posed as the perfect backdrop while we snapped a few. From there we drove a bit to some more secluded areas and got amazing photos. The weather started to get stormy but it only ended up added to the adventure as we jumped in and out of the car as the rain came and went. Jennifer was such a trooper and didn't hesitate to put on her cute little dress despite it being cold! By then end of the session the rain was coming down as Alex and Jenn twirled in each other's arms and laughed about the whole scene! I loved their attitudes and it shows in their photos! Thank you guys for making an unforgettable time together and letting me help show your love through photos! I can't wait for your wedding day! 

-Much love, 

  "The moment I met Alex I just knew in my heart that there was something special about him.  I may not have known him as well as I do now, but meeting him for the first time I felt like I already knew him.  Alex and I met September 1st, and I remember the exact day I felt the urge to say “I love you” for the first time, because it was the day he beat me to it and said it first.  Growing up I always thought that to love someone you had to know them for a long time, and saying I love you to someone in a month of knowing them was thought to have been naive, but in our case, Alex and I didn’t need three months, six months or a year…we only needed 29 days (a week after our first date)!  I believe I felt love instantly, and if you know Alex you know why." - Jennifer 

            "The day that Alex and I shared our first kiss, I can confidently say that I kissed him first!  Alex and I went to the movies with two of our friends, and I remember when he picked me up I was so nervous and I just kissed him real quick when he opened the door for me.  I was so nervous, but at the same time I just had to do it!  I had to somehow let him know how I felt and without finding the words, my first thought was to just kiss him.  I had never done anything like that before, but I somehow knew that Alex felt the same way about me, and I just went for it." - Jennifer 

"Every time I would drop Jenny off at her house, after a date, we would listen to songs on my iPod. A song came up that expressed how I felt about her, Blurry by Puddle of Mudd, and I sang the lyrics to her while standing outside my car (you can be my someone, you can be my scene). I leaned in and whispered in her ear, I love you. Within an instant, Jenny looked at me and said it back. The greatest night of my life." - Alex

"One of my favorite things about my fiance is her kindness of heart to others and her love of sports. She is always open to help others and never fails to put a smile on my face when it comes to caring about others. She is game to do anything. Jenny and I are huge Arizona State fans and attend the football games as much as possible. When we were dating, I would get her a pass to sit in the student section with me (first row of course!) and we would cheer, chant, and yell at every play that was taking place on the field. In order to get front row seats in the student section, you know you must get in line very early. Jenny used to look at me strange when I would say we need to get in line at noon when the game starts at 7pm, but it was all worth it when you see her jumping around smiling, and of course, yelling at the refs for bad calls." Alex

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