Tempe Engagement Session, Tempe Arizona, Jake and Amber with Shannon

From the moment they arrived at Papago park in Tempe and stepped in front of the camera together with Shannon, it was nothing but sweet smiles and tons of love from Amber and Jacob. These two just light up when they are around each other and we cannot wait for their wedding next fall! Shannon our amazing associate shot the gorgeous session with them, and if its any indicator of their wedding, we can tell its going to be gorgeous! 

When we heard more about their story and the first time Amber realized she was in love, we got goosebumps! Their story is beautiful and we can't wait to help tell it as it continues to unfold! 

Thanks for letting us be a part of celebrating your love story Amber and Jacob! We'll see you soon!
- Shannon

"Jacob and I have an interesting story. We met over 7 years ago in Iowa through mutual friends. Over the years we stayed in contact and remained friends. It wasn't until 2.5 years ago, when Jacob lived in Arizona and I was still in Iowa, that our friendship changed. We started catching up one day, as we always had in the past, but something was different this time. We both felt it and quickly started talking and skyping non-stop. On a gut reaction I bought a plane ticket to Arizona for a visit. I already had that "I'm in love feeling" when I got to Arizona but when I truly knew was when I left to fly back to Iowa. Jake took me to the airport and as he drove away and I walked into the building I started to cry. And not just any cry, a tears running down my face, blubbering cry. I couldn't believe it because that wasn't like me and I just had the most amazing trip. At that moment a woman standing next to me said, "oh honey you must have left someone you love." And I turned to her and without even thinking said...yes, I am leaving the love of my life." - Amber

" My one favorite thing about Jake... that is so hard to decide! But I think it's his personality. He is the most outgoing, fun, animated, and loving guy. He's the guy everyone enjoys being around, including me ;) And honestly he never has a down or bad moment. He is always positive, can make anything fun, and will always make sure people are in a good mood. No matter what he ALWAYS puts a smile on my face or makes me laugh." - Amber 
"The ring was actually the easiest decision and consequently the most meaningful.  The ring was my grandmother's.  My aunt gave me the ring and wedding band to keep it in family.  Also because I think she likes Amber more than me. :-) " - Jake
"The first eight months of our relationship was spent long distance.  I lived in Arizona and Amber lived in Iowa.  We talked a lot over the phone and skyping and the more and more we talked it became harder and harder to not say "I love you" because she was everything I was looking for in a companion.  It happened on her first visit to Arizona." - Jake 
"One of my favorite things about  Amber, it may sound corny but it's the fact that she is my other half. There has been multiple times where we order the same things or say the same things without thinking.  We have also answered questions randomly the exact same way.  She is and always will be my better half." - Jake

"As I mentioned our first "date" was me coming to Arizona. So, our first kiss happened at Jake's apartment. We had dinner and drinks with Jake's roommate and the moment his roommate went to bed, Jake grabbed me, pulled me in tight, and kissed me." - Amber

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