Gilbert Engagement Session | Arizona | Josh and Jole - Shannon

He loves how adventurous and she loves how much they laugh together. That with him, it was different from the very begininng. These two were meant to be together and since they currently are long distance, this engagement session was like fireworks for them reuniting and tgetting to spend quality time together. You can just see how much he physically lights up around her, and how comfortable she is in his arms.  Thank you so much for letting us capture your unique and sweet love! Enjoy your photos! 

"I can't say there was a specific day or place that I knew I was going to marry him, I just knew he was different from the day I met him. The relationship felt right from the first day we were together. I knew things were different because we could have fun doing nothing together and we always make each other laugh. It sounds cheesy but, I just felt different with him." - Jole
 "One of the best qualities that Jole has is her willingness to explore a variety of new things, from trying new kinds of foods, to exploring new circumstances at her job, and most of all her willingness to travel the world. Jole is a very adventurous person and I believe this is what brought us together"
 - Josh

"My favorite part of our engagement session was the amount of laughing we did. I mean we laughed the entire time. It was so fun getting to hang out together, just us. He lives in Denver and that was my first day seeing him in over 6 weeks! So we were all about each other's company and just having some time to talk to each other while Shannon was in the background shooting away!" - Jole
"Our first kiss was honestly the night we met. We were just talking (for HOURS) and I believe Josh completely interrupted the conversation and just said "I'm going to kiss you, if that is ok" haha and I of course said yes." - Jole
"I first said I love you to Jole on our 4th or 5th date, we were sitting on the couch watching a movie after dinner and the time felt right so I told Jole. I think it caught Jole by surprise a little but fortunately she felt the same way." - Josh

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