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Jon and Cherie

"I said “I love you” because I did, and she said it back, and we have said it ever since.  I say “I love you” to her more times than I can count in a normal day and I mean it more every single time. “ Jon
Some couples just have a special chemistry that works even when they are in front of the camera, this makes my job the very best in the entire world because there is no holding back and I can just capture two people's love for each other with any self consciousness or reservation. This is exactly the case with Jon and Cherie. Their love for each other is palpable and when they around they only become even better versions of themselves! I absolutely LOVED this session we did to celebrate their engagement to be wed! We took photos down in the
heart of Phoenix,  a place they are both fond of and frequent often so it was the perfect place for them! Jon and Cherie thank you for being open and letting me capture your love! I am so happy for you two as you continue this journey in life together, soon as man and wife! 

“I can’t pinpoint an exact moment when I fell in love with Jon. It was the small things over time, the way he made me laugh, or the way he challenged me. Itw as how much I learned from him, how much fun we had together and how we played like kids (the time we chased each other around the house with water guns, or the time we played volleyball in the living room using a jump rope and a balloon.) We’re fiercely competitive with each other and we never let the other one win. Thinking more about that now, that’s another one of the reasons that I love him; he treats me as his equal and I wouldn’t want it any other way. “ – Cherie

"Answering my favorite thing about Cherie is an impossible question!  I can answer this in fifty different ways and mean each of them completely, but I have to narrow it down to one.  There’s a big part of me that wants to mention her crazy observational skills that continue to fascinate me to this day, or her humor, or how smart she is, and those are all part of the reason I’m so in love with her.  One thing she does that I absolutely adore about her is that she will cry at nearly ANYTHING.  I mean anything - the best example was a Fancy Feast commercial where this guy buys this incredibly cute kitten and proposes to his wife with it.  I always think it’s so cute when it happens and she gets irritated, but it’s a sign of how truly sensitive and empathetic she is and I love it about her.  She’s the strongest person I know, but she can also be the most open-minded and understanding at the same time.  It’s something about her that I have always admired. " - Jon

“Our first kiss happened on our first date. He had invited me to his new house and cooked spaghetti ( I later discovered it is one of three actual meals he can cook). After dinner we sat down on his stairs to talk (because he pretty much had no furniture_, and that’s when he leaned in and kissed me! I was really surprised. Jon did not strike me as the forward type; at work he seems really reserved and even a little timid; for him to be that bold was completely unexpected , but in a very nice way I actually remember thinking “Dang, this dude has some game!” - Cherie

p.s....He's a really good kisser. 
“If you can believe it, neither of us can quite place exactly when we started saying “I love you”.  When we started dating, we hit it off extremely well and spent as much time as possible with each other.  When we weren’t together, we wanted to be…we both talk about it now and remember that excited feeling when you’d get a text, hoping it was her, and wanting to make plans but really wanting her to want to make plans because it was amazing that she was as interested as I was.  I love that time because it was when I first really started to understand how intelligent and complex she is, as well as being gorgeous and the funniest person that I know.  Our relationship matured, though, and instead of wanting to make plans we were just together, and it was better.  There was a day when I truly realized how happy I was with her, and how much I had made her a part of myself and my life, and how she had done the same for me.  I said “I love you” because I did, and she said it back, and we have said it ever since.  I say “I love you” to her more times than I can count in a normal day and I mean it more every single time. “ Jon

We had a little bit of a downpour during their session, but that didn't stop Cherie from sporting her sweet Christian Louboutin heels around the city! In fact, the rain added such a sweet mood to the shoot and I'm so glad these two were great sports and saw the whole shoot through and even brought an umbrella! 

Cherie and Jon your love is tangible and it was such a joy to capture it! I am so excited for you to two live your lives as husband and wife! All my best, Jenn

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