Tips for your best wedding photos ever! Part 2 of 3

Here we go! Part two of how to get the most ROCKIN wedding photos!! If you missed Part One, you can see it here!


Our goal is to help you get the best photos possible on your wedding day! Nothing thrills us more than when we are able to surpass your expectations of how your photos come out. But I have realized that there are some things that brides and grooms just don't even know to plan for or think about when it comes to planning out a major event like a wedding!

1. Try to keep wedding day travel to a minimum. Sometimes you can't help it, but if at all possible limit the amount of locations you are driving to- especially if you have a large bridal party. Have the makeup and hair artist come to your hotel room so you can stay in one spot instead of driving to them. For bridal party photos, keep in mind that moving a group of people actually takes a lot of time and someone always has to go to the bathroom! If at all possible, take group photos at the wedding location and try not to add in extra stops with everyone.

2. Feed your photographer. I'm not kidding! We are humans too and we are so much happier at your reception when you send a plate of food our way. Being on our feet for 8-12 hours at your wedding we keep a smile on our faces, but we do get hungry and we love you so much when you think of us ahead of time! : ) We are trained in the art of eating while downloading and backing up your photos to our hard drive while in the corner of some staff room nearby. * On that note* I just got an email from a couple this week asking if me and my other lead photographer wanted swordfish or filet for dinner at their wedding. This made my day!!

3. Follow your gut and hire someone you trust. If you show up to meet your photographer, and you just don't hit it off, don't book. To be honest, you probably spend as much time with your photographer on your wedding day as you do your bridal party! We are there for you getting ready, and your first kiss and those first moments as husband and wife. Get someone you love, that gets you and understands the goal of your wedding day.  If its not a good connection, find someone that is. You AND your fiance need to feel totally comfortable with the person you hire to capture your wedding day!

4. Embrace the unexpected! Some of the most memorable and laughable moment from your entire wedding day will not be anywhere on your timeline. Go with it! Enjoy the day for what it is and we'll be right there capturing the madness as it happens. Memories are made when the air conditioning breaks and you have to stop at CVS for water and beer. Laugh and let it be what it is. It makes for such a fun day for everyone! 

The final part 3 is coming soon! 

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