Sean + Aparajitha | Downtown Phoenix Engagement Session!

Oh my gosh; meet this couple once and you feel like you've known them for a year! Sean and Aparajitha are the most real down to earth people that just love to have fun! Their outgoing and friendly personalities are just the perfect mix together! We had a such a blast on their engagement session downtow; Sean showed up dressed to the 9's and was so excited for this shoot! I LOVE LOVE LOVE when guys show up pumped! It sets such a good mood for the whole session and Aparajitha looked amazing! Styling for this shoot was done by the talented Tiffany Tank who we were happy to have with us on the shoot which was so helpful!

We cannot wait to capture their destination wedding in the spring! It is going to be amazing watching these two tie the knot!! When I asked Ap a few questions about her and Sean this memory made me laugh out loud! 

See you guys soon! 

"One thing that makes me laugh is the first weekend we hung out- I was waiting for him outside his hotel to go to the airport to pick one of our friends up and he took forever to come out and so I left him. He instead runs out of the hotel and runs and gets into the car and realized it wasn't mine since he was sitting next to a car seat which had a baby. He totally scared the parents who probably thought they were getting mugged!" - Aparajitha

 "The first time I realized I was in love with him was when he cooked me and my friends breakfast on my bday weekend in Chicago." - Aparajitha

"For our first kiss: he made the first move- he had clearly been wanting to:)" - Aparajitha

Ap and Sean - you guys are amazing together! We can't wait to see you at your spring wedding!! :  )

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