Brandon + Leanne | Engagement Session

I have been so thankful to know this couple for the last two years and even more excited when Brandon finally surprised Leanne and asked for her hand in marriage! We sat on the couches in our living room eating cake and listening to them tell their story, blushing and correcting each other and retelling their favorites parts of the story like any couple would do. We oohed and ahhed over her gorgeous ring and got excited for them as they made plans for their wedding day.  

Brandon and Leanne are a couple I can testify that I know they were made for each other. Their personalities match each other so well and they just one another. It was so fun to actually get them behind the camera for the engagement shoot and capture that love that I've seen so much between them. They are both a little nerdy when it comes to math and science (again - perfect for each other) so they are tying in just the perfect amount of classy math love on their wedding on 3.14.15 .... wait for it wait for it... yes Pi day! 

I couldn't be more happy for these two! 

"I first said I love you in the driveway. Leanne was in her car ready to head to work. I was going in for a kiss goodbye and I couldn't hold it in. Leanne responded with an I love you and we both had smiles on our faces all day long!"

"One of Brandon's characteristics that I cannot live without is his humor! He is such a jokester and keeps me smiling and giggling all the time. He will often sing his way through a conversation by changing the words of popular songs to fit whatever we happen to be talking about. I don't know how he does it so fast! Sometimes it seems as though he's living in a musical. I just love that about him!" - Leanne

"One of my favorite things about Leanne is that she is such a good sport about exploring with me! She understands my love and passion for nature and is always willing to go for a short hike, day hike, or even overnight camping. And the cherry on top is that she is genuinely interested in geology when I start 'teaching' about rocks and minerals. She's not afraid to get a little muddy or snowed on (so long as we are prepared)! A most recent memory is when we travelled up north to Mingus mountain near Jerome with Bradley. It wasn't winter time but at that elevation it actually was cold enough to snow on us!! How cool is that?" - Brandon

Our first kiss happened on our second date. We had gone to watch a state playoff soccer game that some of my students were competing in. Neither one of us wanted the date to end so we headed over to a sports bar to keep hanging out. I had been bragging about my superb dart skills so of course Brandon challenged me to a game as soon as we arrived. Unfortunately, my skills didn't quite live up to the hype and Brandon won. My consolation prize was that he leaned in for our first kiss shortly there after. It totally made up for the loss and let me know he was actually interested in me!" - Leanne

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